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There are some celebrities I don't agree with, but they don't attack my intelligence, my faith, my personal nature, etc. I have no problem seeing their movies.

There are celebrities who call me names, say I'm stupid, uncaring, seflish, etc.. Those I don't like to support. If the family is going to see one of their films and I want to be with the fam then I very occasionally make an exception. Beyond informing someone of the facts surrounding these celebrities, which is often enough to convince them, I wouldn't think of telling someone which of these celebrities they personally should support with their dollars..

Then there are those celebrities like Polanski. I can say without a doubt that someone who would support and promote this man is doing a disservice to our society. They are supporting a man who without compunction anally and vaginally raped a young woman, and choose not to repent and pay the price he owed society, as would any legitimate member of society. Not only promoting him, but celebrating him and his talent. Yes, he may have talent, but that is so far overshadowed by his crimes that there's no room for any light, any gray, any other real choice than to disown and disavow him as a member of our society. He's been banished from the US. He should be banished in all ways, but apparently there are those who still accept him in their "society."

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I hear the sound of denial loud and clear, with a wishful thinking chorus. His movie flopped for a lot of reasons, but those who live in reality know none of them was his criticism of The One.

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you must aquit..... on grounds of racism of course.

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It's different, because they're conservative, and white, you're allowed to criticize them openly in whatever manner you desire. See: Sarah Palin. It's affirmative action and a liberal media at work.

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I agree we are here to discuss, not to shut down debate. The fact remains that some people who post here are plainly trolls who are often paid to just be contrary and debate with them will not help anyone.

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I go out of the house and experience the world for a lot of reasons. I don't need another thing to take up my gas money and precious free time.

Yes there is a very very small chance of having something interesting happen while I'm going to Blockbuster, but there was also a greater chance of something interesting happening to us when humans had to walk everywhere, because it took longer and we were closer to nature. I don't choose to walk everywhere and I don't choose to use Blockbuster, thanks just the same, for worrying about me and my chances to have life experiences :)

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I have to take issue with this. Anti-Semitism is at least taken somewhat seriously, see Mel Gibson. There is no such thing as Anti-Christian in the PC vocabulary.

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Anyone who didn't know George Clooney supported gay marriage raise your hand. Anyone?....Anyone?

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Good luck with that, considering what you want to turn it into I don't think you'll get anywhere but where you're at, a tent in the park with passed out druggies surrounding you.

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Brain washing techniques on display for all to see.