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"Obvious typo"
I wouldn't be so quick to assume that. The writer specifies Vinyl's male gender not once, not twice, but three times in that one paragraph. It was likely intentional.

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Or one of those story book spin-offs, or in the comics, or maybe in another off-shoot animated project. Who knows.

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Out of curiosity, did anyone else watching it at their theater have horrible moments where the video and/or audio cut out? My showing did.

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51-56: Interesting idea. Would Flim and Flam be combined into one pony to be Two-Face?

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Now AJ's presence as a "background character" makes sense. She's actually always present because she needs to keep an eye on the others to make sure things go according to plan. Always watching, interfering only when necessary.

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As far as legalities go, you would owe them for viewing the content because it was copyrighted and is not supposed to be possessed/viewed without compensation. It's not simply paying for the product, it's also paying for the experience. Uploader or downloader, all are guilty because it's the duplication, possession, and viewing of the copyrighted material that are covered under law. That's simply how the law is, right or wrong.

Your "not even a potential customer" argument is a skewed misconception. A person that isn't a potential customer in the slightest is someone who wouldn't have even bothered to download it, legally or illegally, because they care that little about it. You obviously were a potential customer if you were bothered enough to download and watch the documentary. Don't confuse not wanting to pay to watch it with not being a potential customer.

Do I think the community would be what it is today if it weren't for the illegal uploads on YouTube, etc.? No. That doesn't make it any less illegal. It just means Hasbro got a new market they didn't think to explore, thanks in part to piracy. They still take down videos, so it's not like they don't care about the illegal uploads.

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Piracy is more than duplication. If I go make a mold of a weird looking rock for an art project, I've duplicated the rock but we can both agree that I didn't pirate the original. Piracy is the illegal obtaining of COPYRIGHTED material. Material that is copyrighted is different from others in that the creator wants compensation for viewing/obtaining/using their material, original copy or not. That's why when you "buy" copyrighted goods, you are essentially paying for the right to use them.
I'm not saying that's how it should be. I think that in many cases the non-commercial sharing of content can be used for good, but most of the time it's used for personal and selfish reasons, e.g. pirating a documentary because you just didn't want to pay to see it. Oh, and as for the 3D printers, they have their own can of worms in regards to illegal duplication of materials (counterfeiting).

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You know those terms of service things that most people don't actually read? Well, many essentially state that what you are paying for is not a product, but a right to use the product. I bring this up because piracy is not the same as stealing. You walk out of a store with some candy you didn't pay for, you've stolen the food. With piracy, you use a product without paying for the right to use it.

If I could compare it to something physical, piracy would be like sneaking into a movie theater. The $10 you pay for a ticket is actually paying for a right to view a film, not for a flimsy piece of paper. You may think it may not matter that you sneak in because you aren't stealing the movie, just watching it without paying. You would be wrong. While the theater is not out the money for the ticket that was never handed out, they still have things like bills, maintenance, employee wages, and screening rights to pay for. By using their services without paying, they didn't get their compensation from you. In short, you owe them money for viewing the film, not for sneaking past the box office.

How this relates to the false notion that not viewing and pirating are the same is that if you don't view the film, you haven't violated any terms of service. You don't owe anyone anything because you got neither a product nor a service/experience. If you pirate it, you have, and you owe money for viewing it. Either way, the companies don't get their money, but in one scenario, you actually owe them. If you owe them and don't pay, you are hurting them.

Not saying you should or should not pirate, just that not viewing and pirating are not as similar as you make them out to be.

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Failed to run imagination.exe. Terminating program.

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I find the price tag for said hoodie to be more funny than the name fiasco. $45-$50 for a grey hoodie with eyes and a cutie mark printed on? Hot Topic pls.