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If she is the one who has changed everypony's Cutie Marks it means that she is QUITE SOMETHING, so why not give her a proper design? I still hope that she has a real (and cooler) form beyond that crappy OC look :(

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Her main problem is that she doesn't look like a villain at all, just a random pony with a generic haircut... she should have a more disctintive mane, a threatening combination of colors or some other special feature... SOMETHING :(

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I hope there is someone else behind that Starlight Glimmer, because her design is one of the worst I've ever seen in this series :(

I know that personality comes first and it's way more important, but come on... I've seen OCs better than this... I swear it, OCs :$

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Lauren's designs are still unmatched... that was by far the greatest loss after she departed :(

The rest is fine, we lost some things but gained others in return :)

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It would be nice, for a change. If they keep building up the power scale we'll end with planets and galaxies exploding XD

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L-l-look at you, pony. A pa-pa-pathetic creature of meat and bone. Panting and sweating as you r-r-run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal m.... oops, wrong game :P

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I am fearing for Granny Smith... it would be a natural death, but still it would be painful T__T

Also, I'm sure Celestia will voluntarily pass away at some point, leaving her sister or Twilight in charge. Alicorns seem to be immortal and I guess that even them would want the eternal rest after centuries... maybe she is just waiting for someone good enough to take her place and take care of her important duties :o

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I could be interested if (IMO) today's anime didn't suck... give me the classics anytime. At least cartoon is living a new golden age :$

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I'm curious about what kind of "Brony reward" she can offer... she may still be credited for this show's creation, but I don't think she holds rights about the designs or the characters anymore. I mean, It doesn't seem that she would be able to offer something like a Rainbow Dash fanart as a reward for those giving money to this project :$

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Since the season premiere has something to do with Cutie Marks, It wouldn't be surprising at all, but... I don't want to see a new forced power-up at each season finale, not to mention the fact that It would be great if Hasbro didn't spoil this kind of things to us even before the beginning of the new season :(