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This is why we are shown Connie's problem first. Even a little problem can tear someone up. When you feel bad, you don't tend to think about your feelings from the context of others. You just feel bad. There is always someone else in the world with bigger, worse problems (cue the meme "first world problems") but everyone feels bad sometimes, and if you always measure your pain against the pain of others, you will begin to think it is selfish to feel yourself when there is someone feeling worse in the world. This can lead to self-resent which is unhealthy.

When you are viewing the episode the first time, you care about Connie's problem first and then you care about Steven's problem. Unless you watch the episode in reverse, you are not comparing Connie's issue to Steven. This progression makes Steven's problem feel more climactic because his breakdown occurs after Garnet's counseling. He knows how he should handle his problems, but they are so severe that he can't, and it almost kills them.

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Can you explain to me what makes DIsqus better? It requires me to make a new account and it has annoying infinite scrolling comments with no page numbers, which means if I lose my place on EqD I'm never finding that comment again. I have almost completely stopped using EqD comments since they switched to Disqus.

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Aging is a disease. Steven should be able to pause a human's aging simply by continuously licking them (Healing Greg's broken leg proved his healing power is not skin deep). Stevonnie is not Connie and Steven separately in a single body. Each experiences all of both, which is why Ruby complains about not being able to "see" in the Jailbreak episode. By fusing, Connie not only becomes one with Steven's healing ability, which would be sufficient by itself, but also with his gem controlled age. I suspect it would be possible to change the age of any human simply by fusing with them at one age, and defusing with them at a different age.

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Lion always gets left out, but he is #1 gem in my <3.

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Just two days ago, BCB posted a seemingly safe video which contained spolers/leaks/promos with no warning:

Thanks for sharing without tagging BCB!

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While they do look uncanny, it has nothing to do with the uncanny valley.

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I concur.

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Not sure if SFW.

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This is my kind of watch-through!