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That's so hard. I'm joining you in complete healing for everyone and a season of calm wholeness!

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Thank you!

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I would love to read "Behold the Dawn." Thanks for the chance to win!

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We do a lot of gratitude discussions in our house too. Like you (I read the "why I don't have a smartphone" post too), we do a lot of gratitude discussions and put things in perspective---if we do this, we can't do this.

My older daughter recently made a list of things she can do when she's bored. She is beginning to realize how tremendously blessed she is!

Thanks for the thought-provoking post!
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What a wonderful way to bless your spouse! Thanks for linking up with Mom's Mustard Seeds for Mustard Seed Planting today!

I usually send my hubby encouraging words and verses throughout the day by texting him. We both enjoy that, but your post makes me think it might be time to mix it up a little bit!

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Oh, yes! I pray for His words, not mine. Thank you for the reminder to always seek Him before opening our mouths with answers for others.


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I completely agree with you about Wikipedia! I don't rely on it as my "go-to" site for information and research about DD's medical issues, sensory processing disorder, and dyslexia!

Thanks for the visit today! You're sweet to check in on us!

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I knew what you meant! :)

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LOL! And when they're sleeping, right? Or ONLY in pictures?

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It's fun to have it out, but it's great to have it all packed up and put away for another year too, isn't it? I felt relief and a sense of accomplishment when we got our living room back!

I've enjoyed your visits to my blog. Thanks for the upbeat and encouraging comments. Your boys are precious!