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"it dragged on and on and on." that's definitely how I felt about this whole book haha. It was just so boring and omg so many characters that felt so vanilla and boring? I wish SJM took more risks with her series enders because snore. If Manon wasn't in there I think I would've quit a long time ago.

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This sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately I'm all readathoned out but I hope you guys have fun!

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Lovely review Joy! I've seen this book around but haven't read any reviews on it, a shame to hear it was kind of lack lustre.

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Ohhh great to read your thoughts on this Val! I haven't heard too much about this book, but I was wondering what people thought about it after loving WDMR. A shame to hear about the character niggles with Twinkle's character, I really don't get that twin thing either.

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Yeah, it's not until the 2nd book when I realised that I didn't love these books as much as I initially thought! I thought this one was a bit better than the previous 2 though, I loved the alien planet. Lovely review Val!

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It sounds like you had an awesome month, it'd be fun reading about your adventures in ALA so I hope you guys enjoy yourselves! I'm so happy you loved Uprooted, it's one of my favourites.

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I've heard that everyone adores Circe because of the mythology and the character in the book, so I'm glad you loved it too Val! Great review!

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Yay, I'm so glad you enjoyed the finale of the series too Joy! I adored it, I thought it was the best book of the series. So many tears and laughs along the way!

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Yessss this is on my radar to read soon, I'm so glad you related to the bi-racial protagonist. Interesting to hear that it's more of a ghost story, I haven't seen any other reviews pick that up before. Lovely review Val!

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Binge reading a series is my favourite way of getting them off my TBR and really getting immersed in it! I either binge read them for a month, or read one book each month so I can get other reads off my shelf. Great post Val!