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Love it! I know i am going to experience this in the futute so now I have a reference to keep me together through the process. 😜

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Congrats at moving in to your new home! Good luck with all the book unpacking, I feel your anxiety, but it'll all be worth it. I've been obsessed with Pokemon GO too, in fact, just past night I went out until 10 with my boyfriend and by best friend and her boyfriend to go out Pokemon hunting - we had some pizza and then went for a stroll - it was so cold, but in the name of Pokemon we went, haha!
Ah! I wish Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan were coming to Perth too...*sob*
I'm so excited to see more news regarding Everything, Everything. That's exciting!
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Oh gosh, hi guys! It's been a while since I read your blog, I've been away working on my new blog... But nonetheless, it's so great to be back reading your posts! This was a lovely review.
It's funny when you're reading a fantasy but it seems contemporary. I feel like right now, I am currently reading a book that seems like that - I can't tell if it's got some aspects of magic in it or not!
Love it! 💕
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Once again I send my love and support for you and your sister! I'll be keeping her close in my prayers, and hope that she recovers.
This is a lovely post! Congratulations on your new job, that is SO SO exciting and I'm squealing for you!
It's great to be back reading blog posts again, now I have all those posts you shared by other bloggers to read! Woo!
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Absolutely fantastic! There are different portrayals of feminism in our literature today. Some of them are quite infuriating, as you said, with the classic tomboy feminism which I don't mind, but I don't think it's dominantly about that. Feminism, as you said, isn't about that, but more about the values we hold as women and the belief that we, as women, are as strong and capable as men, without needing to do the things men do, dress like them, or have the same likes and dislikes as them!
I agree that Celaena is an incredible example of a feminist. Loves luxury and indulges herself significantly, but is able to kick the asses of her opponents and can protect herself so well. GIRL POWER.
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Mmm PIZZA. And GARLIC BREAD, OH MYYYY! Why do you do this to me Jeann?! Sarah Dessen is one that has never really caught my eye in particular, but this sounds like a contemporary I could enjoy, possibly!
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Jenna! Wow you've convinced me that I need to read this. Along with the fact that I really need to read more well-written LGBTQ+ books, the fact that this tackles 'gender fluidity' which is something I've NEVER heard of, makes me really curious to read it. I'd love to read this book simply for the learning experience.
Great review! Now I'm skittering off to Goodreads to add this to my to-read pile!
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Oooh this book is high on my radar right now! I'm so curious about it, because of how gorgeous the cover is and also how awesome the story sounds. Your review just made me two times more excited to read it!

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WOW I ALREADY LOVE IT. I don't read much sci fi, because frankly, I just never end up picking them up. BUT I really want to read more this year, and this will definitely be one of them. Agh it sounds wonderful! Space pirates? Yes please!
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Wonderful review! I am a huge fan of books that tackle mental illness, and anxiety is one that I can relate to. This sounds like a good book, telling from your review. The blurb had me on an edge because of the classic: "everything was wrong until this boy moved in next door" type story, which now, kind of gets on my nerves. However I feel like it would be worthwhile to check this one out!
Great review.