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The soldiers are there to protect the people from psychopathic neo-Nazis.

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Well said.

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As Ariel Sharon said in 2001, "we the Jewish people control America". No argument here, in fact the white Jews have had a major influence since the days of George Washington.

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When Victoria Newland and her ilk replaced the legitimate government of Ukraine civil war began. Ukrainian neo-Nazis began murdering people in Eastern Ukraine with the help of the US. In 2016 Lindsey Graham and John McCain visited Ukraine and offered weapons and logistic support to fight Russia. Now it is widely acknowledged that the US is fighting a proxy war against Russia. In 2010 the UN with support of the US made it legal for Kosovo to declare independence from Serbia/Yugoslavia paving the way for others to do the same. In the case of Crimea and Dombass, they are leaving an illigitimate government of Ukraine created by Victoria Newland and her ilk. Long live mother Russia!!

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The US now claims that Russians cut off gas to the EU in addition to stating that the Russian military is bombing itself. In fact the EU cut the Russian gas off trying to please their dual citizen masters of the US and no, the Russians are not bombing the nuclear energy plant occupied by Russia, it's the Neo-Nazi that are bombing it. US propaganda is unbelievable and the US is wasting time and money spreading it.

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The "final solution" should be a Palestine where Palestinians have equal rights the same as all others and their land is returned.

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As we speak Israel again bombs Syria with protection of the US.

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Talk about fake and stupid, the US and its vassals in the UN made a resolution saying, in effect, that Russia must stop bombing itself. The US claims that Russians are bombing themselves at the nuclear reactor in Ukraine that Russia occupies. Really, just how stupid a story is that? Russia is bombing themselves? How low and stupid can dual citizens who occupy Washington DC get?

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The Queen or King of the UK is best described as "warlord". These people have caused more grief worldwide than the US of Israel, or close to it.

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I think you left out the medicine culture. Russia developed a COVID vaccine six months prior to the US COVID vaccine but because the US government hates Russia, US citizens were denied the Russian vaccine. Over time and testing the Russian vaccine has been proven much superior and reliable to anything the US has created. How many people in the US died from cultural stupidity. I didn't notice the US medical culture protest against the government for blocking the Russian vaccine. The US lives under a shroud of propaganda.