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The tribes are nothing more than a very successful world mafia of murderers and thieves who claim to be a race and religion. It's not really possible to be both a race and religion. However they've been successful at claiming to be "victims" wherever they've gone reaping trillions for themselves at the expense of others.

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Just read that Germany convicted a 97 year old woman of helping "Nazis". Does this mean that all government people in the US in Germany will now go to jail for helping the Nazis in Ukraine or is German law exempt from reality and simply a legal system that picks and chooses who or what it wants to prosecute?

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Happy holidays. Maybe you are being kind when you say "morally challenged". Again happy holidays and thanks for all you do..

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I beg to differ from the author of this article and my opinion is that Ariel Sharon was the worst of the worst that ever existed in Palestine.

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Zelinsky was will to negotiate in March to make Ukraine a neutral state but the UK and US had other ideas. Plus in 2016 John McCain and Lindsey Graham informed Ukraine that the US wanted Ukraine to fight Russia and that the US would back the fight against Russian. So as far as Zelinsky is concerned it's a US war and a US obligation to pay for it.

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Virginia what you said has meaning. The modus operandi of the Washington DC government is guided by a good ol' boy network of stupid genocidal maniacs.

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Israel is a blob of puke on the ground that needs to be cleaned up.

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Graeme, I'm surprised that "Jewhoo" allowed anything from ICH since truth has never been one of the Jewhoo traits. I wrote some truth about Palestine in the past and the people at Jewhoo destroyed my accounts then tried to destroy my Gmail accounts. Thankfully Gmail warned me and provided protection against your Jewhoo friends. Truth is the enemy of Jewhoo, no argument there.

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It's totally amazing that the Jews have committed many holocausts around the world. Arguably, the Jews were responsible for the murder of 50 million Russias and Eastern Europeans around 1917. From there Jews were a big reason for both WWI and II. Jews have murdered millions in the middle east. However, according to most accounts the only holocaust to have ever occurred was committed upon Jews by Germany.

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The main reason the Roman empire fell was that they ran out of gold. For sure the biggest reason the US is in the last stages of failure is their debt that can't be paid off and the "funny money" called the dollar has lost its integrity. It really does appear that the US population may be experiencing a standard of living adjustment to a lower level. In fact, with the morons in charge of the US economy and war machinery it's surprising that a catastrophic economic event hasn't already happened.