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When the boot is on the other foot will Israel expect mercy from the Palestinians and the Arabs in general? History is long, one day Israel may not be as all powerful as it is today. It may lose support from the US. Palestinian access to weapons may improve. What is the long- term prospect for Israel? Nobody seems tp be looking to the long-term future.

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Dear Batco, You say it yourself 'Russian strikes killed civilians and destroyed civilian infrastructure.' If the Ukrainians have transgressed humanitarian law the sin of the Russians is far greater, they should not have invaded in the first place and their aim appears to be to destroy Ukraine completely. War is a dirty business get used to it.

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I think the point is did the Pentagon want this war, in which case it's a proxy war, a war that Europe could do without as you say. As one US general once said if the Europeans are dumb enough to have two wars on their soil why not a third.

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Although I agree that sending 300,000 troops to the Baltic states is very bellicose,and that the Ukraine war is a proxy war between the US and Russia. I cannot agree that NATO started it. Russia invaded Crimea in 2014 and has been fighting in Ukraine since that time. So there is no question that the Russians started it. Why Putin wants to enlarge the largest country on earth is a question for him. Israel also believes in 'Eretz' Israel a larger version of what they already occupy. Syria also would like to swallow up Lebanon to create a larger Syria. One imagines that this plan is on hold for some considerable time as Syria's infrastructure has been decimated by the Russians and many others. Putin loves other dictators such as Bashar al Assad who is very nearly as odious as Putin.

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Oh| American Nazis are just hippies that have run out of 'pot'. Pull the other one Roger.

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The Fox news report has a serious ring of truth about it. It's devastating to think that the US actually wants war with Russia. Has the elite in the US forgotten about M.A.D.
(Mutually Assured Destruction)? Once the Russian army is decimated, the only option open to them is Nuclear War. Someone in the Pentagon isn't thinking too clearly.

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Correct me if I am wrong but Biden didn't order 150,000 troops to Ukraine's borders, Putin did, In which case he is falling into America's political trap, if indeed the US wants war with Russia, meanwhile the whole of Europe holds its breath terrified by what could be an existential threat. It is incorrect to posit the idea that Russia hasn't attacked another country since the fall of the Soviet Union. They have invaded Chechnya, Crimea, and fought in Syria on the wrong side, not to mention poisoning a large area of Britain with nerve agents.

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Pilger is undoubtedly right in most that he says,but he can't tell us why 150,000 Russians are surrounding the Ukraine suited and booted and ready to attack Ukraine. Truss is undoubtedly in need of a geography lesson,but she has a point when she says that it is inconceivable that their army is in position but doesn't pose a threat. The threat doesn't just apply to Ukraine but to the whole of Europe and perhaps the whole world.

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It is interesting to note that Information Clearing House must use a system of key words to censor comments. It has happened several times to me and I have never used swear words and have remained for more restrained than many other commentators.


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As my comment was deleted, which is censorship you are not in a good position to judge whether it was a conspiracy theory or not or perhaps you take the extreme position that the Vietnam War never happened!