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It is interesting to note that Information Clearing House must use a system of key words to censor comments. It has happened several times to me and I have never used swear words and have remained for more restrained than many other commentators.


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As my comment was deleted, which is censorship you are not in a good position to judge whether it was a conspiracy theory or not or perhaps you take the extreme position that the Vietnam War never happened!

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Hope the editors of this journal have got over their hissy fit concerning my comments on Vietnam. Unfortunately truth can be uncomfortable - that of course is no reason not to print it.

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Oh! I absolutely accuse the British Government of a cover up over the amount of deaths during the Covid19 outbreak. Government policy has led to what is tantamount to murdering the elderly in the Care Homes of the UK. They are only just getting around to giving PPE to the staff and the patients. (Personal Protective Equipment)

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Too much truth for the admin. boys to take in my previous message methinks.

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Patrick Cockburn is either very youthful or very forgetful. One of the longest wars in the 20th century was the Vietnam War - the habit of losing wars started there. The US not only lost money and some 70,000 of their own troops but killed at least a million Vietnamese, proved that they were vicious murderers and torturers, used napalm, used more bombs than all the bombs used in WW2 by both sides, on losing they then took economic revenge making Vietnam the poorest country in the world. Yes, the white stetson looked more than a little tarnished after that one and that's before we get to the present century.

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To describe the regime of Bashar al Assad which destroyed the 'Spring Revolution' as legal is a travesty. Assad is one of the biggest criminals in the Middle East. He has relentlessly waged war against his own people killing more than Daesh could have even have dreamed of. The Russians have cynically supported this megalomaniac for their own geopolitical interests. Assad is as wonderful for the Syrians as Franco was for Spain. Wake up people! Interesting that he is not mentioned once in this article.

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Panorama have done an excellent job in uncovering a massive scandal and coverup by the British Ministry of Defence. ( M.O.D. ) should be disbanded right away they are appalling. Soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan return to Britain with post traumatic syndrome and are thrown on the scrap heap, they end up homeless and alcoholic their marriages wrecked because they are impossible to live with.

It does not make you proud to be British to know that some soldiers from one of the most experienced armies in the world are sadistic murderers and torturers, and that this has been covered up by senior officers and of course the revolting (M.O.D.) These vile soldiers have betrayed generations of soldiers who served honourably in past conflicts such as WW1 and WW2.

We marched in our millions across the world to register the fact that ordinary people did not want wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tony Blair and Bush Jnr. chose not to listen. It rings a bit hollow now to say we told you so, but the warmongers cannot claim ignorance. These warmongers have ruined the opening years of this 21st Century. Johnny Cash sang 'I hang my head in shame.'

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Almost no mention of the huge suffering of the Yemenis, Finian. All that counts is oil. Who is more disgusting The Saudis or the US. It's a tough call isn't it?

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2 gangsters dividing the spoils, but isn't it great to see Israel get a bloody nose in these negotiations? If only the US the Israeli paymasters could be pulled up short from time to time. It is not good to be all powerful, it leads to arrogance and both Israel and the US have it in spades.