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The current president was peevish to the point of boorishness during the debate. Governor Romney acquitted himself well with his restrained presentation. As a Tea Partier, I surely love me some rough-and-tumble politics. However, last night, at least from future-President Romney's perspective, was not the time for down and dirty. While watching the debate, I was somewhat unappreciative of the reasoning behind Romney's approach, but today, I see it more clearly. Congratulations, Governor!

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Your righteous fury is well expressed and totally justified.

I am unbearably saddened at the loss of this giant among men. And all these poor misshapen little beings can do is try to make Andrew small, like them, so they don't feel the difference so keenly.

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Andrew Breitbart was not a Christian.

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you foolish, foolish person.

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I am so sorry to learn of this awful event. My eyes are filled with tears.

My best wishes and fondest hopes go out to Andrew's family and close associates. I am inexpressibly saddened.

This loss is a terrible one to bear, even for someone such as me, who admired Mr. Breitbart from afar. How much worse, then, must it be for those who knew him well, and interacted with him daily. I can only imagine.

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What an ambiguous comment! Where's your nerve?

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Santorum is on record as disliking Satan. That's all I need to know. He's got my vote!!


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longhorn_mama made a very good point. Playing dumb is not cute.

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How can you support Ron Paul when he is 100% for freedom? That's plain crazy! He actually thinks we should each make our choices and live with the consequences. That's not so pretty good.

No, I want the Jesus and Satan man, Rick Santorum. That way, if we get into big trouble, more trouble than mere mortals can handle, he can just hit the floor in that there Oval Office, have a little talk with Jesus, and poof, before you can say big pool of flotsam and jetsam headed toward the sinful states, all will be well.

You're certainly not a very consistent Christian. Don't you know Satan and other supernatural beings are right here beside us this very minute? They're unseen, but capable of all sorts of mischief. You'd best get right.

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One line wonder or not -- That line is funny -- Church Lady 2012!! HA HA HA HA