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...I was coming down here to post this, verbatim. Maybe to add 'and mother' to the list of family members. If you had said 'brother,' I would have been sure you were, in fact, my sibling. I'm still half-convinced of it.

(of course, I own my own three person board, I'm not a BARBARIAN)

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Ah, see, the mistake there was that you were supposed to hear the quotation marks.

It was "business" "casual," you see. Quite different.

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But hieroglyphs are so EXPRESSIVE, they have FACES, I can anthropomorphize them, can't do that with silly words, now can I? (plot twist: I can)

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Possibility: the writer knew perfectly well that was wrong, and was including it as Bartlett winkingly checking to see if the teacher would pick up on it.

Second possibility: the writer included this as an example of Bartlett being Old and therefore having Wrong Opinions Sometimes.

Third possiblity: the writer was an idiot who has the amorphous idea that Teaching In The Original is correct.


From the Wikia:

In the course of this plot line, President Jed Bartlet, an erudite Nobel Prize winner (but not in literature), refers to the great epic "Beowulf" as a classic of Middle English.

Zounds! It's in Old English, and didn't the e-mails make that clear! Will there be a script with a Beowulf makeup test?


Aaron Sorkin, creator of this prime-time administration, responded, "Ic agan nic answaru"--in Old English, roughly: "no comment."

That is the best possible response on the subject from Aaron.

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I feel like I must post this link to xkcd.

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I went to a state college that was in a partnership with a community college and took one of my classes over at the community college. A of all, the state college degree got me into my dream job and past the median American income, and 2, the community college class was rigorous and I learned a lot. And iii, I don't have a third point but I didn't want to give up on that gag after only two.

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if you hit God’s mom you’re in trouble I don’t care how many popes you are

This is all I ever wanted in life

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It's never lupus!!!!!

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I have some things I learned that weren't on the list; I assume this is where I hand them back?