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The first Russiagate scandal, which wasted tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, was thoroughly debunked as a fact-free hoax. But a second one was just brought out in time to drive another stake into the heart of Trump's presidency. Weren't a ridiculous impeachment, followed by an overhyped pandemic with highly suspicious death statistics, and with months of unnecessary lockdown causing mass unemployment, followed by massive BLM protests and riots enough?

Apparently, the democrats are not convinced that their basement cadaver candidate can defeat Trump, despite his 10 point lead in the polls. Nothing will be spared to bring down Trump. Welcome to the second Civil War.

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Elect a Biden-Harris ticket (Kamala is said to have the inside track) and you are really electing Hillary. Per Kim Iverson, Kamala is a just a cog in the Clinton machine. As Caitlin points out, Trump has done many terrible things internationally. But, unlike Hillary/Obama, he has not yet started any NEW wars. Hillary's major wars (Obama should have stopped her) against Libya and Syria were despicable - worse than anything Trump has done. Libya, one of the richest countries in Africa thanks to Khadafy, now is in civil war and has open air slave markets. And Syria would have fallen also, if not for the intervention of Russia. Biden supported those wars; and, as instructed by Hillary, would greatly increase tensions with Russia. She hysterically still blames Putin for her loss, so is out for revenge. For me, picking Trump over Biden is an easy choice.

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Who on the Dem radar screen would be a decent VP? Kamala Harris? - She has no ideas of her own and parrots all of her talking points from Hillary the Hawk. Biden SHOULD NOT have said that his VP MUST be a woman. He should pick Tulsi Gabbard, but obviously won't.

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On the contrary, many Christians, whose churches have been closed for several weeks due to the pandemic, are heartened by the steps Mr.Trump took last evening. I'll bet this will win Trump much additional support. Holding up the Bible was a photo op, but it still has symbolic meaning for those who believe in God.

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The first function of government is to maintain the rule of law and the protection of property. Mr. Trump has belatedly taken steps to stop the violence and looting. On Friday night the rioters tried to get past the Secret Service and many of those whose job is to protect the president were injured by the object throwing anarchists. This cannot be allowed in a country under the rule of law. Trump is finally doing what he had to do. I only wish he had acted a few days sooner.

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Perhaps those two countries have an education system that still functions. Of course, in the US, the best and brightest don't go into politics anymore.

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Although I'd like to see the GOP remain in charge of the Senate, I'd still like to see turtle man go. I'd gladly trade the loss of Mitch if Pelosi would go away too. These lifetime pols have done nothing to help the country, in fact they have ruined it. If the GOP controlled both houses, then I wouldn't mind seeing Trump lose.

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I've recently read that, due to losing their contracts with closed school districts and no longer supplying restaurants (limited to take-out only), and other venues, farmers are now plowing their crops under and dumping their milk. Plus, and this is especially tragic, they are killing millions of chickens, pigs, and cows. One reason is that slaughter houses and meat processing plants cannot get enough workers, as many have got sick, and everyone is deathly afraid of catching covid. Plus, many don't want to return to work as they are receiving $500/week on top of their UC, which is much more than they could make by working.

I've read that, due to current actions, the US will be facing a major disruption in the food supply in 3 months. The CEO of Tyson Foods said so. If there's not enough food to eat, then will commence the riots.

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I never said I hated Obama. In fact, I voted for him twice. My guess is that Hillary would have adopted the Gates/Fauci Party line, and would be in favor of locking down the country indefinitely - or until the Gates Foundation developed its mandatory vaccine.

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I must have read a different article from the above three commenters, as I came to a different conclusion. Ward may or may not have been right in calling China "The Brutal State" with a "Communo-fascist ideology," but he rightly saved the worst of his condemnation for the USA.

His first paragraph, regarding the "agendas, unknowns, and purposes of covid19" is something we should all worry about. For those of us not hiding under our beds in fear of catching C19, it is becoming evident that this over-blown virus is not what it seems.