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Coming into the fandom during the S3-S4 hiatus, I never got why Fallout Equestria became so popular. The idea was decent, but the original fic was hardly a masterpiece. The sex jokes were painful, there were several plot holes, "it's magic, we don't have to explain it" was the mantra of most of the technology the fic, and it was a bit too meta with characters keeping track of their item inventory and perks and items being treated in a video game fashion.

Most concerning of all, it's TOO grimdark. I love the Fallout series, and was a fan long before FO3 came out. And yeah there's rape, slavery, torture, violence, etc. But there's also a sense of fun to it that keeps it from being too dark. This is a franchise that references Star Trek and Monty Python, has you talk your way past super mutants too dumb to know what you are, and has a shotgun wedding after you bang a farmer's daughter. Fallout knows how to have fun with itself. Fallout Equestria was afraid to. Unless we're making bad jokes about Littlepip being loud in bed.

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Well there was only so much room for background ponies.

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Part 9 for the CMC, not Part 8.

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Mine isn't; I'm just saying it takes place before Crusaders of the Lost Mark. :)

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I would happily take Trixie over Starlight. I'd rather have Sunset, but Trixie is good, too.

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Oh, please tell me the comic ends with Discord arriving with Trixie and Gilda and they kick ass together.

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Gonna make a prediction now - whether it's depicted as tragic or happy, Hope and Sombra will go to the Umbrum realm to live together with them.

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The second one is The Last Roundup: the "leg servos" kick a hole in the floor and "I just don't know what went wrong." The third is Lesson Zero where a board meeting is coming up and the guy is gonna be tardy, "clock is ticking, Arlen. Clock is ticking!"

Apart, sure, it's a stretch, but all three entries together? There's no doubt.

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Can we nominate our own stuff? No? Aw

In that case, The Albinocorn's "Sunset of Time." An epic, intense novel that has amazing scale with its story and characters. Make it a movie and it would be glorious.