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After the collapse of the USSR in 1989 NATO became obsolete. The Warsaw Pact was disbanded. NATO promised at the time that it would not move (quote) "one inch eastward". NATO reneged on its promise when in 2002 it began deploying an anti missile defence system in Poland, ostensibly aimed at Iran?
In February 2014 US engineered a coup d'état in Ukraine and installed a fascist Neo Nazi regime in Kiev. Eastern Russian speaking Ukranians revolted against the new Nazi regime and Crimeans in a popular referendum elected to go back to join Russia. One and a half million of Eastern Ukrainians fled the war and sought refuge in a Russia, the supposed enemy. NATO holds military exercises right at the border of Russia. How provocative is that. Russia of course is bound to react to such provocations and is holding military exercises within its own territory. Who is the aggressor here?

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Jezus was Jewish, so he would settle in one of the new housing blocks, with a nice swimming pool. He would venture outdoor with a Uzi slung round his shoulder and drive a nice car to get her with Maria and drive on one of the nice 'only for Jews' roads to a nice nightclub in Tel Aviv.

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A lot of information on the downing of MH17 can be found by visiting Contraviews. and scroll down. This is information from western sources.......

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This important news has not appeared on Russian Rt. I wonder why. Looks too good to be true.

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I wonder why this important news is not reported on news.

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I remember last year there was video footage shown on national TV when Netanyahu was visiting some of the wounded "good" terrorists in a hospital in the Golan Heights. There have also been numerous reports of CIA (probably Blackwater volunteers) training rebel/terrorist elements in Jordan. Whatever one may think of Assad, Syria is an internationally recognised sovereign state. He has been branded as the enemy of the US so it stands to reason that he is vilified and demonised by the western media. But at least Assad is keeping the country together. Compare that with Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan. There are regimes far and far worse than Syria: e.g. Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. And I would add Israel to it when looking at its conduct in the West Bank and Gaza where one of the most shocking human rights abuses in the world are being perpetrated on a daly scale. (From my I-pad and just off the cuff)

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Iran is supporting Iraq and Syria in their fights against ISIS. However America, Saudi Arabia, Israel are supporting that part of ISIS (al Nushra) which is trying to oust Bashar al Assad in Syria. ISIS in Syria are de facto America's "boots on the ground". They supply the terrorists with weaponry, logistics etc and medical care. Terrorists have been treated in an Israeli hospital in the Golan Heights.

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I just submitted the following letter to the editor of our local paper 'The Christchurch Press' New Zealand:
Netanyahu wanting to proclaim Israel a 'Jewish state' is a bit of a misnomer. The overwhelming majority of immigrants to Palestine after WW2 are from Russian/East European origin, they do not belong to the Semite race. For instance Netanyahu's family name before 1910 was Mileikowski and they came from Belarus and Lithuania. You still find many Russian and East European names in Israel. Judaism first emerged in Russia round 750 AD when the King of Khazar adopted the Jewish religion. We know this because today there still exists correspondence between the Khazar king and the Caliphate in Baghdad. Between 600 and 800 AD Islam quickly spread across the entire ME, North Africa as far as southern Spain (Sephardi Jews) and eastward into southern Russia. The Jewish religion became henceforth a minor religion but Islamists and (real) Jews both belonging to the Semitic race have always coexisted peacefully throughout the centuries. Jews became proselytizers for their religion.

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I have been wondering what Russia is going to do. They have vital strategic interests in that country with their Naval base in Syria giving it access to the Mediterranian Sea, which I believe is the main objective for removing Assad from power. Will Russia just let it go ? I doubt it. So far I have never heard any comments on this aspect of US aggression into Syria. Could Counter Punch give us some of her views on this ? Thank you.

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Syria should be supported in their efforts to defeat ISIS. It's ironic that it was the US and some of the Arab states (and may be Israel) who provided weapons to ISIS in the mistaken belief that the "good guys" of ISIS would be able to defeat Assad. They need Assad as an ally. Iran and Syria can surely defeat ISIS without getting the US involved.