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Samantics is what we are getting hung up on- that's all. I understand Ephesians, Timothy, Corinthians and Titus. I understand using people unto their gifting and calling. I understand regional campusses as I have spoken at them and also cunslulted them. I don't know that I would call this a multi-site revolution as this is simply another form of what demonations have been doing for many many decades- now we see churches in a post-denominational time period, in my humble opinion. In my interactions, and they are many, I have found regional campus pastors to battle frustration from not being utilized at their full potential. Many arguements can be made as to whether this is the faolt of the paradigm ot the person....but it is a valid point of concern. Again- I am in no way apposed to regional campusses.....I would simply go about a specific element of the campus in a diferent manner-

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Greg, you have to 1st come to the table with the same definitions. Otherwise you enter into an argument based on symantics. Secondly, who is the one that God has placed to lead, be accountable for, speak into the vision and mission of that local fellowship. I am the "lead" pastor and have an "executive" pastor. We define "lead pastor" as the head pastor and lead elder among equal elders. You know where I stand on the campus pastor role. I love campus pastors...just wish they had a larger platform to preach....I know that if they are a campus pastor that God has birthed within them this passion and desire. We sponsor church plants and not regional campusses. However one day we will probably rehab churches as regionals but place a lead pastor there to preach live. My goal is to equip and meet with these pastors on a weekly basis for accountability, training, teaching and message planning. The goal is to then use the main campus as the hub of accounting, all media, overall vision casting, cg, av, etc. But then as we build out messages together, they would then expant upon the outline with their own illustrations, etc. At that point the messages would still speak to the current and pressings needs of God's people in that local setting. - kinda rambled- sorry about that-

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I am all about begin civil to one another. I would agree with that. However tolerance is much more than a behavior. Tolerance cannot be discussed without placing it into the context of philosophy. I can be civil to someone with differing views, but to say that I am tolerant means something very different.

Tolerance stems from the belief that there are no absolute truths....relativism. Relativism bases truth on practical experience and belief based in part on emotion. To say one is tolerant is to say that one is "o.k." with a philosophy and way of life that is contrary to a Biblical World View- which says that there is absolute truth.

Tolerance is also a "self-defeating" argument. People who advocate tolerance say that we must be tolerant. In saying this they themselves are not tolerant.....

I want to be civil. I want to enter into dialogue with others. I can be kind and believe I am a kind, loving person. However I wouldn't say that I am tolerant.

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I agree with so much that you have to say Bill. Thanks for blazing the trail and creating systems and processes, curriculum and a care structure so that I can enhance and contextualize without have to re-create. It is funny to read this thread that is just 35 weeks old. and Northpoint are already on the slide down in "influence"- not sure where we get the stats for the popularity contest. They were the churches of the 2000's and there are new churches and new pastors rising up in the 2010's. Funny how life is. Blogging and Tech teams will begin to dicipate in part off of church staffs as we have seen this trend emerge after the market crash and many meta-churches have decided that these guys were cool...but maybe not as needed as first thought. There are many things which are passing trends and at the end of the day we all agree that we do what we do, no matter the style, coolness, location, etc., because we want to see one more person embrace the life change that comes from knowing Jesus. I have never been a part of the WCA, I was on staff at S-Back, have friends at L-church and N-Point, and boy can we all learn from one another- its awesomeness being a part of the kingdom. God is so good-

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Thanks for the post Michael. I have been in a the ministry for 14 years but it is only as of late that I have been a senior pastor. You are right about many things. I have apologized to several pastors I have served under because I would always push too hard and question thier decisions making. How arogant was that?! I had no idea what they were going through nor the weight that they carried until I because a senior pastor myself. The role, the weight, the stress is not even in the same ballpark.....yet the joy is full because I am doing exactly what I am SHAPED to do. How awesome is that! I know you feel the same way.

I had a mentor early in my ministry tell me the same statistic and then he said, "the problem is that pastor's begin listening to what people say." Either they listen to the ones who praise you, believe it, get prideful and then sin OR the listen to the naysayers, believe it, feel worthless, and jump ship." Our focus must be on the Lord and we must strengthen one another. Somedays we struggle with the world, somedays our well-meaning people, and yet other days our well-meaning staff. We must love God, love our family, love ous staff, and love our church while supporting one another.

It was a good reminder this morning- THX- C

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it was a chapter in the small group curriculum- probably the most eye opening for my specific small group- I have the curriculum or workbook and DVD if you wanted me to send it to you-

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Great post Stevie K- miss you man. Sorry to hear about all that is spinning around you. I know God is using you and Nicole in amazing ways in these situations. Great reminder to be on God's time and focus on the Hope we have "In Christ."

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sounds like you went through 40 Days of Love! ;)

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Enjoyed the article- I hired my associate from Saddleback to come here to Texas with me. When I left she became the Internet campus and Internet small groups guru for Saddleback (along with McGill who is the guru for everything). She has a ton of insight about this subject and is beginning to inch forward little bit by little bit here in our small church context. Applying useful technology can really allow small churches to do exponentially more

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after sleeping on this- I don't agree... Rick's regional campusses are never within driving distance of the main campus. It has nothing to do with lage expensive buildings. The start up cost for just San Clemente was well over $1mm. Their annual budget the first year was over $700k to pay a full start up staff, rental, events, etc.