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Good Lord, these are scary.

#6 is a piece of work, she manages to blame both the Evil Doctor and her husband for the condition. I guess they're the reason that the shepherd's purse didn't work! *eyeroll*

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A modern crockpot with a timer and a removable liner is a good kitchen investment if you like low and slow cooked dishes.

Once the crock is finished cooking it will keep your food at a nice safe holding temperature until you are home (or awake).

I gotta try this recipe out. I didn't grow up eating chicken and dumplings but it just looks so good.

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Same opportunities for grifting, as well.

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He's not even fired! He's "on administrative leave" for six weeks. I am sure there will be some crocodile tears, another non-apology apology, and the ObYesMen saying "he's all better now" and then he'll be back. People calling for his resignation have been both laid off and fired.

Meanwhile the board (which might or might not be able to fire him ... unsure, because a lot of the legals got changed along the way to favor Mark) are closing down campuses and laying off staff due to a shortfall in revenue, which they blame on "negative media attention" - instead of, oh, anything their special snowflake selves may have done or said.

"And we would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you darn kids!"

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Since I am middle-aged and was a veteran of Usenet cooking groups before this Web thingie caught on, I have been seeing this for over twenty years!

We also got a lot of comments and/or nitpicking/oneupmanship about "authenticity". Every time someone mentioned Cuban sandwiches on the group for years, the old hands would snicker, because there was an EPIC flamewar about "Authentic Cuban Sandwiches!" in the group's early days.

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Nope, as usual the nutbags prove that they haven't actually read and understood the proof texts they're flinging around.

Proverbs 31 is about a woman who gets it done both at home and in business. It's used by the fundies to try to keep wimminz in the home doing domestic things, where they're controllable.

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Happy Anniversary to Our Wonkette! It seems like a lot longer than ten years, because I first read it back in the Buttsex and Butterstick days.

Wonkette definitely saved my sanity during the 2008 election cycle, especially after Caribou Barbie got on the ticket and _shit got really weird_. (The 2012 cycle was equally as weird, but I was mostly following baseball that year because my teams got super hot, so I wasn't around as much.)

Thanks to Our Editrix, the fabulous staff and alumni, and to the Wonkerati for making this one of the few places on the Interwebz where you NEED to read the comments.

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I dunno. I'm an IT operations pro and based on what I heard about the architecture and rollout for that project, it was pretty much going to be a Fail Whale all by its owneo.

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I loved Dandy Don as part of the Monday night football announcer team, though.

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It always seemed to be sort of like the Yankees in baseball - lots of money, lots of hype, lots of rah-rah, in a way that causes red-blooded fans of any other team to despise them.

(I'm a California product, so not inclined to think much of Texans running off their mouths. Humph.)