An Asexual Ungulate

An Asexual Ungulate


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315 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber,... · 0 replies · +4 points

He's just lucky his shady dealings haven't port-LANDED him in jail already.

(please don't hit me with the ban hammer)

315 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Morning Maddow: Brian ... · 0 replies · +11 points

But how does this Stewart/Williams-gate coverup relate to Benghazi? Was it really all directed by the Obama administration in an effort to distract from... who even knows anymore, whatever invented thing idiots are angry about this week?

316 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Kansas Just Going To G... · 0 replies · +4 points

Ah, that's cute, they're trying to regurgitate Supreme Court language about obscenity to save their stupid statute.

316 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Million-Year-Old 'Rock... · 0 replies · +5 points

But... what does that conspiracy theory have to do with anything in Dr. Strangelove? Ah, why am I trying to make sense of it, making non sequiturs like that is required to even get hired at WND.

316 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Chris Christie/Jenny M... · 0 replies · +25 points

Oh, good, vaccination can now be added to the pile of "things GOP lawmakers know nothing about but still want to bloviate on for political reasons" along with climate change, economic theory, tax policy, rape prevention, women's health... this list is getting depressingly long...

Isn't living in the future great!

317 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Bryan Fischer Was Not ... · 0 replies · +8 points

But but but the gays! In their tight, form fitting, Hugo Boss uniforms with their riding crops and harsh interrogation techniques and gay homosex!

318 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Orange County High Sch... · 3 replies · +12 points

I've really got to get in on that sweet, sweet sheeple fleecing money.

318 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Paris To Fox News: See... · 0 replies · +25 points

What with France being France and all... it might actually work. If they get stuck suing in US courts, though, it'll just be a rehash of Fox's previous winning argument: "We're not really a news channel, we produce entertainment".

...not that it'll stop that one annoying uncle from believing everything they broadcast.

318 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Wingers Demand Ginsbur... · 0 replies · +22 points

I'm sure his article went on to say "...the same is true of other issues, and I expect Justice Scalia to recuse himself on any issue which he has given public speeches on."

...right? He's not the kind of asshole that has a double standard for issues he supports and those he's against... right? Ha!

318 weeks ago @ Wonkette - White Teenage Criminal... · 0 replies · +5 points

If they wanna come over here an' tell us US 'Merricans how to live our lives, maybe they should just go back over there to Europe where they can have it as they like. I, fer one, am SICK of these damn whities comin' over here an' tryinna make this a secular pro-gressive sorta place.