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This guy is such a f'ing sociopath, all he does is pander. He pandered to certain minority/special interest groups, the poor, the uneducated, and the list goes on - and big whoop, the guy's pandering to Christians now. Why am I not afraid of him letting his fake Christianity affect his job? Because he hasn't done d*ck to aid any other group he pandered to previously. Empty promises - That's all the guy's worth to me. CHANGE: ALL I F'ING HAVE LEFT.
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I agree. Unlike religious people, atheists don't have a system or set of rules which we all have to try to adhere to. Not believing in god is technically the only thing we have to have in common to be atheists... Just look at that nut job, S.E. Cupp, from FOX... She's living proof of your statement!

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" What the Republicans lack in intelligence they make up in aggression."

I couldn't have said it better myself! The only thing I could change about that is the word "Republicans" to "CHRISTIANS" - moral my ass...

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Congrats! Christian privilege is SO OFTEN ignored, so I'm happy to see you circulating awareness of it. Can you imagine if, in colleges for example, it was required for professors to teach about Christian privilege along with white and male privileges? I've seen white males lecture on the latter two, but somehow, I can't picture a Christian professor agreeing to teach something dependent upon the faults of Christians. --Not without a lot of you-know-what hitting the fan anyway!

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Believers are the median, the majority, the average. Exceptional qualities are always possessed by a minority - and that's true of Atheists today. There's a lot to be angry about, and that's great for motivation; but we need to balance our anger with our security, pride, and belief in ourselves - because that's the greatest advantage we have over those whose dependence lies elsewhere.

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I really love this series, and I see eye to eye with you because generally, it's my story too. Christians are everywhere - in school, at work, in your face and in your life - and we as Atheists have to cope in a way that doesn't destroy us emotionally. I AM angry at them - they make the brilliant nature of my character second class with their numbers and self-righteousness, which makes their hypocrisy even more infuriating. But I can befriend them - I have, many times - and I can accept them.

As I've matured, I've developed some pity for believers, despite their social dominance. Their pride and security lies outside of themselves: in their numbers and in a mental creation which contradicts their knowledge - and that must require a significant amount of personal weakness. It's tough to feel hate or anger toward those you truly feel superior to, and so, my reduced anger toward them comes from my strengthened belief in myself and my point of view.

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You read my mind! It comes down to respect. You can appreciate someone as a person and enjoy all of their intellectual or comedic qualities, but when they confess religious devotion, the respect goes out the window - for me at least. I was premed for the bulk of my college career, and I met a lot of really brilliant young minds (many of whom were Christians, Mormons, and Muslims)... I just couldn't understand how people so brilliant in every other aspect of life could be so dense when it comes to religion. Furthermore, how could they be science majors and still cling to their gods?!

Anyhow, you hit the nail on the head when you say that their intelligence is "compartmentalized"... I like that - I'm going to have to start saying that now!

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*sigh* I'd say Donohue deserves "Idiot of the MONTH" for this! The finger-pointing from the Catholic Church and its affiliates is really old, and increasingly disturbing. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing, and haven't shown a single ounce of remorse. It's either the fault of secular society, or homosexuals, or children (preteens and teens are still children, hello!), etc., but none of these other groups can be shown to house as much child molestation on their own, or cumulatively, as the Catholic Church.

This study confirms it!

What's just as sickening, is the number of Catholics and followers of other Christian religions I see who stand behind the church and accept the ridiculous finger-pointing claims as truth. Unfortunately, their delusion is enabling the enablers.

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There are a lot of corrupt elements here - the power and money behind the Catholic Church, the dishonesty and immorality within it, the blind dedication of its followers, and the need by all types of theists to maintain a positive image while Secularism is on the rise. The Church has never been held properly accountable by secular authorities before, and with the added (and new) incentive of combating Secularism, I doubt that they, or any faith-based institutions are going to demand justice now. I can't tell you how many times I've heard/read Christians of all types defending the church, or passing off the issue as unimportant - since "child sex abuse happens outside of the Catholic Church too..." While it's true, most individual child molesters have neither the same access to children nor the level of power to be abused as Catholic leaders do. Regardless, all I hear are excuses, excuses, excuses. I agree with you that this has turned into an Atheist vs. Religion issue, and it's truly and monumentally disturbing.