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Just noticed that EarningNation (moved to Not Reviewable a while ago) is still on this page. And shouldn't CashDavid be moved to not reviewable as well (Payza only)?


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Looks like the no one can get in contact with the admin. (Someone mentioned she was pretty ill, and in the middle of moving). Hopefully she's alright. :s

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If you use BitPay, you can have your purchases instantly converted to USD based on the market rate at the time of sale. They also will take care of converting your USD price into Bitcoin (again, at the current rate). So really, purchases aren't too difficult.

You could also use Coinbase to send withdrawals based on the USD balance requested, and just buy Bitcoins as needed via ACH or Credit Card (again with Coinbase).

Not as hard as it initially seems. :)

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CoinBox (and neither does "BTCEmpire") doesn't directly own the faucets, they're more like a payment processor. (Since there was a restriction put in place recently that stops micro-transactions from being accepted by default.)

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I just noticed this in their footer: "Registered in the United States as MH Pillars Inc.", so it looks like they're attempting to get licensed... but seeing as they're barred from the Mastercard network as a whole I really doubt some states will license them at all. :x

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Just to clarify they have to use the 3rd party company to be a legal money transmitter. The only other pay processor that I've seen that actually licenses themselves in every state (as required) is Skrill. The rest (that actually care to run legally) will operate as agents of companies like Payza was doing.

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He also owned GetPaidWall before William/DawkMarketing took over.

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Nice review (and site in general) :)

Also, I noticed a small typo: "Paid Offets credits purchase"

- Daniel ^_^

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Well they say the maintenance this morning was to restore some accounts that were lost, have you tried logging in afterwards, or just come here to scream scam... ;)