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i realize that its a rightand not a privilege but...the frog theory is GREAT!! it makes perfect sense. isnt it sad that all America is, is a bunch of frogs waiting to be slowly boiled toour death. More people need to know this theory its awesome. I agree completely with working for what you get. i cant work right now but i trying to get a permit so i can. I thinkAmerica would be a better place if we all realized that sooner than age 28. I'm not speaking for people that age but i know in my school there is only about 3 people whoget it. Its brilliant but no one is willing to face thattruth. you think we should have something in our edu. that is manditory? something like college, you take attendence in the morning and the rest is the students responsibility. In high school of course. Accountability, responsibility, and hard work would be learned from this. Or at least I think so.
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Hey guys im disappointed in myself
I missed Glenn Today can you update me on the topics?
help is MUCH appreciated

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Enforcing the law? What we can't do that we would be like offending people, and effecting global warming, and everything bad in life. We just can't go around punishing people for doing illegal things that would be just plain crazy

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Animal Farm nice. Ijust got done reading that in Language Arts class
Naploeon (Stalin) was rutheless up untill the middle of the we hadnt covered that in history what are your thoughts on the whole Russian Revolution? I said it wouldnt have happened if people were more educated much like today
if everyone was enlightened on whats rele going on no revolution would be necesarry because there would be no corruption. people would put a stop to it before it started. IDK not alot of people agreed with me, you?

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I was in S.S. class today listening to the teacher lecture about the Korean war when something hit me. Nobama decided to go into GM. right He decided to kick the ex-CEO out. right. hmmm thats funny because im pretty sure that as a free market economy based around CAPITALISM ummmmm im pretty sure that our founding fathers set the country up this way so that i dont know government COULDNT get into buisnesses and they were privately owned. Iunderstand that they are US' major export and supports thousands of workers across the nation but...... if there truly is capitalism still shouldnt failure be an option? if youre down seep enough shouldnt people say somethin? FORGET the government telling you how to run your company, stock holders and people who have something to do with that company should make the decisions not the fed. Am i wrong? Is my little epiphany nothing more than a fantasy or is america ready to stand up for themselves and revolutionize

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My Wishlist
1. Dependence on Foreign oil cut down or possibly eliminated 2. Justice be brought to ALL Americans 3. Obama & Admin. gets out of GM 4. Government gets it throught their head that businesses CAN fail and they have to, at least to make this the true free market economy that it supposed to be. hooray for Adam Smith 5. The upper class takes a hit i know that waaaaaay out there but if banks will use that money responsibly and not for personal gain it might actually help 6. Political Corectness be thrown out the window! not everyone can be happy its impossible whats the point any way, incentives in this country equal climbing the social ladder, EARNING your paycheck, life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. that means you have to WORK to fet happiness, its not supposed to be handed to you. 7. Accountability law put in action if you deny something and it is proven you did do it, jail time or fines should be an adequate punishment 8. The collaboration of corruption and state be put to an end- and of course most importantly a pony from santa Oh, and if possible those tax breaks Obama promised
Zakk Cook in Toledo,OH

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yes he will give you tax cuts while raising the cost of living seems like a fair trade off huh? yes, no more taxes on my, on my, well you no those things he promised! OH but now, dasani cost me 12.50 because of federal taxes. those darn loopholes.

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Well i agree with Glenn. Hear the argument, anytime those families were on tv for those however many years it was, they were grieving. i understand and feel horrible about what happened but, instead of taking up that tv time focusing on the past state this, Yes we are a 9/11 family yes one of my family members did die we will miss them dearly but, its time to focus on our problems, deal with our situations, and make sure it doesnt happen again. I might be heartless and cruel or the smartest individual alive. of course thats blowing it way out of proportion but you get the point.

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I AGREE stop putting taxes (well such high) taxes on cigarettes and bottled water and gas and all these other things that are going to "solve" the problem. if u want to help the economy and the government lets make those "patriotic" congressmen pay some taxes. I know thats an extreme idea and call me crazy but i think that they should have the same punishment as if my grandma just decided u know i'm not gonna pay taxes this year. TMZ is not a punishment either. Obama can't help that 95% by raising the cost of living. Where's your messiah leading you liberals? is you Oh great blessed one not what he cracked up to be? well get checkbooks out and pay for that you're breathing, dont you know its running out?

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you are a mom in which i agree with. surprising. anyway yea, you have just said what i've been wanting to say but haven't been able to say it near as beautifully as you. Thanks. Can i qoute you when explaining this to my S.S. teacher?