Halfway To Concord

Halfway To Concord


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As a layman—both in physics and as a believer in, e.g., the Heidelberg Catechism—who has read most of Hawking's popular books (and even got to see him deliver his Lucasian lecture in Berkeley a couple years ago) I have nothing but admiration for Hawking, his work. his genius, as well as his genuine spiritual struggle for truth and meaning. Is he correct? I don't know. Regardless, God bless Stephen Hawking!

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You got it all wrong. Stop with the people of faith in contrast to those with no faith. Life is religion. Even an atheist takes a leap of faith to believe some revelation (man-made or God made...same thing). Athiests hate to admit that even they are religous so pound this one up the grotesquely huge, hairy sociological nose.

The Zuckermans and radical leftists like mad man Pete Starks (D-Menlo Park, CA) merely exhibit their own religious bigotry hoping to shout down anyone with the temerity to insist that secularists don't get to make the rules.

This is the only way to approach issues concerning faith in the Public Square. Let's stop talking this way and insist that even Atheists own up to their own humanity and religious nature (for that is what Man is..he serves some god, even himself) instead of allowing them to posit some civil religion where Christians and those of other faiths must live like second class citizens.

Finally, the only way Evangelicals are going to get straightened out is also to give up the notion that there is some civil religion to which they can add their personal testimony. Instead they ought to stand with Kuyper, that every inch of creation, including politics, is God's; and to love his church not only in West Texas, but in Pakistan as well.

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I had a guy out of the blue wanted to be on the cover of Newsweek. LOL

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This is easy:

MS MTV (Money Shot MTV)

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Whittle asserts the notion "divine spark of divinity in us all," as if it is something other than 19th century rationalistic pagan thinking teetering on Transcendentalism. Within the context of Split P (presbyterian) soup in the early 19th century) that argued over various such curious concepts like New Light or Inner Light (and where the law is located), such a notion was or is hardly settled or correct thinking, and ought not be accepted as a blanket statement to describe biblical Christianity and God's constant call for just institutions and society.

But it does give a new wrinkle to "'civil' religion"

In this advent season let's pray that Christians in America, for the sake of the nation, gain some discernment of spirit. and repent from giving our hearts to false idols and feel-good false teaching like Whittle's.

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The interesting aspect about the so-called "Progressive" movement is its worship of Science: whether Marxist, Socialist, or from useful idiots like Liberals (Komrade Lenin's words, not mine).

In Lenin's view, all that's left after the revolution is "administration of things." And you wondered why Obama is such a "dispassionate wonk!" D.C. has become an unmanageable morass of unaccountability and manipulation by money and power.

In California, this translated into calls for "good government" and "scientific administration" of the peoples' business, which created an entire class of civil servants who we now realize are not scientifically or politically neutral at all but just another corrupt politburo that siphons off resources from the people to benefit themselves, cronies, pols in tow, and supporters.

Sure the Progressives kicked out the Robber Barrons, but look what we are left with...initiatives supposed to protect people are now just a mischievous playground for special interests, and public employee pensions that have squandered the wealth of the Golden State.

Thank you Teddy Roosevelt!

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That's one helluva straw man, Edi. Have fun knocking that one down. Oops. You already did.

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We apologize for antagonizing you. It was not on purpose but the hope that a new commenting system might serve us all better, and chose the weekend to work out bugs. The voluminous comments you and others have posted on this topic are being slowly imported into the new commenting system and ought to show up again next week. We pray for your patience and forgiveness.

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Thanks to Union friendly candidates the County is so deep in a hole it may never get out and even more deals are in the works to further protect the unlawful luxurious pension spiking by members of the CCCERA, not to mention sweetheart deals for the Fire Department. You better hope there's some money left to steal from rich people cause baby, it's all going away. Get over it.

And please stop with equating "working people" with unionized thuggery. You don't speak for more than 12% of workers in U.S. but get 100% of the sweet deals.

But hey, your from Sactomatoe so your gubbermint job is secure...for now.