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I wanted Joseph to shoot them, too - he really was a #pinknewbiecheeks. I thought his conversation with Sam afterwards was a little clunky but Sasha Roiz is sooooo menacing, it worked.

To me, Caprica is a mighty Pavane, not so much as a dance of manners but a dance of inevitability. It is building and growing the tension as all the characters circle and dip.

It is taut with unleashed passions and if @Syfy is to be believed, the finale is going to be "epic". I can't wait to see what they do - and I'm sure it's going to be something I won't have expected.

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My kids love IV V and VI (ie the 'proper' Star Wars) and were bored and confused by the prequels. The Clone Wars are a big hit, though. I can't wait to see what your cousins think of Han, Chewie, Luke and Leia.

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I just watched it and...I really, really like it. There are levels and hints and ambiguity and it's not clear what's going on. The acting is on another level. This is not quick-fix TV. The colours and feel are absolutely transporting. I loved the car (I had no idea whether it was modded since I'm not up on vintage US cars) but it seemed right.

My only problem is that it is almost certainly bound to get cancelled because it is too good.

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I don't hate on Dr Graystone as much as you, though he is being a complete tool. The line about "I promised Serge some time alone with the U-87.." was hilarious. Until you remember that that is his daughter....Ew! Except he doesn't think it is his daughter anymore because the unit malfuctioned and he thinks Zoe's personality has been lost.

There were some amazing bits of writing in this episode and the ending took me completely by surprise. Fridays just got interesting again!

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I have now published some more pics of the Caprica tour on Flickr:

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I completely missed whatever went on and was really sorry to hear you left FF. I hope the disappointment fades quickly and you remember the good times.

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Yes, I really wish they could use her image with more panache and thought, but I'm not holding my breath on that one!

And yes, you may call me Higgy if you wish :)

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:) glad to be of service, Dani!

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The name Sister Clarice paired with the English accent, conservative clothes and hidden agenda (and passions?) all point to a very interesting ride for this character.

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Hmm. Now, I've thought about this a lot but first I'd like to say that when I initially saw the artwork I thought it was striking, simple and effective. The focus is Zoe and there is something about the way she is holding the apple that is knowing without being lascivious.

Having said that, I can completely see where you are coming from, Teresa. Yes, it gets very boring to keep hearing about how it's the men of Caprica who the important ones but I have tuned it out because they are highlighting the named stars. Another obvious ploy to get interest: named, established male stars + young female flesh = viewer recognition.

It is a bit disappointing, but this is the publicity department. They are using tried and trusted ways to lure the audience into watching. Yes, I would love them to even mention the fact that Zoe is even more of a genius than her dad, but they have obviously decided that that doesn't get bums on seats.

This does come after a few weeks of becoming increasingly angered by a series of ridiculous PR happenings culminating in the Vanity Fair/ Twitter debacle last week. Maybe I'm too jaded to worry as much as I should about this latest offering. If it was a choice between the publicity being the same old crap and the writing breaking the mould, I'd prefer great writing every time. I have faith that the series is not going to let Zoe down even if the publicity department has.