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Damn it. Now the terrorists will know that they shouldn't yawn or have sweaty palms or answer a question with a question at a police check point. They're totally one step ahead of us now and tourists buying fake Coach bags on the street will never be safe again.

There are Americans who face serious danger from terrorists, but those Americans are not tourists in Times Square. Those Americans are overseas in the Middle East serving the country in a far more meaningful way than anonymously threatening some guy whose blog they don't even read.

The right-wing propaganda machine has certainly done a tremendous job creating a population of scared Americans. I can't imagine how any of you manage to get out your front door every day without pissing yourselves from fear.

Oh, and Mimi? Learn how to use the "Reply" button.

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I've been really disappointed with Smallville lately. "Booster" was a good ep, but for the most part, it seems like the show is flailing around, killing time until the end. The ep made me so frustrated that I turned it off about halfway through - it just didn't seem relevant. More like someone said, "Oh, well we're almost done, so let's squeeze Zod in one last time."

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The dress never got made, so it was only a virtual mullet.

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Krull was the second one I thought of after the Ming & Dale plate (Flash Gordon is always on my mind). I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one who loves that movie! 

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I'm always happy to contribute to a productive work day. :)

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Haven't read the book, but am hoping that something reallyreally horrible, painful, and slow happens to the Lannisters (except for Tyrion, who I have a crush on). 

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After watching this show the other night, I'm completely flabbergasted by her assertion that the sex was thrown in to lure the ladies. The only sexual situations that happened were incestuous and creepy - not exactly a sexy kind of sexy time. 

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I haven't read the books, but really enjoyed the show (really, they had me at Peter Dinklage).

Personally, I'm baffled at the hoopla surrounding the so-called graphic sex and violence, which were really quite tame in comparison to, say, Spartacus or even True Blood. 

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I may have to see this just to support the atheistic world view. 

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After seeing it this afternoon, I agree that adding that scene would have been weird. I was actually surprised that, even though the characters are clad in dancewear most of the time, I didn't find the movie to be all that sexualized.  That said, considering that Browning's character is a victim of sexual abuse, a consensual love scene that she's into would certainly have a meaning in the context of her development.  

To your second point, it's cultural. Women's sexuality has been trafficked and traded throughout history in a way that men's hasn't, so that's an easy shorthand.