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Boring episode. However, I like that it's setting up the baby, rather than like Cadance and Shining Armor, that they showed up without any warning.

Cadance does not look pregnant does she? But I wonder, is she going to have an Alicorn, a unicorn, or a pegasuscorn.

Wow, last week when the CMC got their cutie marks, they were so excited and ready to start their destinies. And now? their bored. If that's the case, maybe they shouldn't have gotten their marks.

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OK let's start with the fact that Ms. Cheerile is the worst teacher ever. First she just stood there as Diamand Tiara literally tried to humiliate, blackmail, insult and bribe her way to win an election (true she lost, but so what?), then later in the episode, when Spoiled Rich was using clearly emotional abuse on her daughter, she again did nothing. What is wrong with her?

The biggest problem I have with their cutie marks is that it seems to imply the old adage, those that can do, those that can't teach. There basically going to grow up into consultants. Wow, there's a thrilling job if I've ever heard of one. Good luck girls. That was also my first reaction, not crying or excitment, but instead, "that's what their going to have to do for the rest of their lives!"

Lastly, where were Sweetie Belle's parents. I know Pegasus don't have parents. I get that. But we've seen them before. You're telling me, they couldn't be in the background during the Cutesienera?

Lastly, Spoiled Rich was way over the top and stupid to boot. You're telling me you don't want your daughter to hang out with literally the saviors of Equestria's sisters (Ehh, Scootaloo counts in my book), who is also friends with Twilight, who in a poll in a previous episode was voted favorite Princess. Or the most popular dressmaker in Canterlot's sister? That is literally the exact opposite of what a social climber would do. So sorry, that was just to not believable. And yes I understand the irony of what I just said. Plus Filthy Rich seemed in all the episodes with his daughter to really want her to turn out well. You'd think that would have helped the insanity of Spoiled and tampered that down.

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The Chubby Pony needs to be called "Mamma June" as in Honey Boo Boo's mom.

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Discord is the son of Sombra and Ruby, Princess of the dragons (Named after her father's favorite jewel.) That also makes him Candace's nephew. It also makes him Starswirl the Bearded's grandson who had Sombra with Queen Crystalia, alicorn of crystals and gems. He is also the stepgrandson of Chronos King of Equestria who married Crystalia and fathered Candace. His father abandoned Discord and Ruby when their parents refused to acknowledge their marrige and he wanted revenge and a place for his son. So he took back the Crystal Empire.

I'm writing this as a fan fic by the way.

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The entire series of Saturday Morning slow jams was about 80's nostalgia. Such as what the artists grew up with. Which means it makes perfect sense for it to be Generation 1. That's what they and I grew up with. I didn't grow up with FIM so why would I be nostalgic about it. So please remember that before you start complaining about it not being FIM.

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First she has a new subscriber. Me! Second, was anyone else putting a pony to each of her characters?
1rst square - Rarity. 2nd square- AppleJack 3rd square - Pinky. 4th square - Fluttershy.

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Well I voted that my parents don't know. They asked if I was gay when I said I enjoy Disney Movies. I can only imagine what they would say if I told them I watch a cartoon about ponies.

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Just in case you didn't know, there were only two sequels of Aladdin, but he did have a TV show. The little Mermaid had a TV show as well.

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Wait, you've never heard of Pete's Dragon? How is that even humanly possible? What is wrong with whatever generation your in. I grew up watching it and singing the different songs. My parents hated the movie, but my mom loved Candles on the Water. My favorite as a kid was A dragon a dragon and every little piece.

They did a pretty good job overall I've watched each one and my favorite of them is probably I saw a Dragon.

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OK if he knew about the Crystal Princess and the Crystal Princess since his first time in Equestira. Do you realize what this means? Alicorns can then die or be killed. Because there had to have been a Crystal Princess during his time then. That's an even bigger issue then.