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Why would this surprise anyone? Only if you are a naive White person. White people better wake up.

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Most food at grocery stores is not chosen because it is good for you - but because of its shelf-life, ease of shipping, etc.... Fruit is picked before it is ripe so they can ship it to you on time. Even produce is dyed and waxed. It is sad that we have come to the state of using the grocery store as a measuring stick for value of food - it is a sure sign our society is doomed.

Most people wouldn't eat lobsters up until 100 or so years ago - they were used as fertilizer or slave food - until a marketing guy (con man) sold it as a luxury food. They are sea bugs for God's sake! And they are not particularly good but people are told they are so they usually fool themselves in to liking it. Sort of like the con over "modern art" where talentless slobs call something art and have convinced you if you don't agree then you are the one with a problem.

The general public are drooling morons for the most part.

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Tea Party terrorists like that Norway guy?

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As we dont replace the nations military,

So, controlling them is no different.

.... we dont steal their materials (we pay for them like everyone else),

Nonsense - 1953 Iran. Paying some puppet?

we send aid in disasters, and we dont hold the citizens at gun point either.

We do that right here in the US! You think we don't do it elsewhere?

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Lambsquarters taste like spinach. Purslane is sold at high prices. Dandelion can be bitter but I've grown to like it. It was known throughout history as a miracle plant.

According to the USDA Bulletin #8, "Composition of Foods" (Haytowitz and Matthews 1984), dandelions rank in the top 4 green vegetables in overall nutritional value. Minnich, in "Gardening for Better Nutrition" ranks them, out of all vegetables, including grains, seeds and greens, as tied for 9th best. According to these data, dandelions are nature's richest green vegetable source of beta-carotene, from which Vitamin A is created, and the third richest source of Vitamin A of all foods, after cod-liver oil and beef liver! They also are particularly rich in fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and the B vitamins, thiamine and riboflavin, and are a good source of protein.

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I'm not. Their local government is. As for growing plants, why is hemp illegal?

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You don't own property virtually anywhere in the US and certainly not in neighborhoods.

It depends on the local government. I can't build a privacy fence around my front yard. I can't build a privacy fence higher than 6' - THAT was a shock to discover.

A trashy looking front yard is going to affect property values, though. And that is what they are trying to control.

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The neocons and supporters of NAFTA tried to sell the notion we could abandon economic patriotism while clinging on to patriotism in other, more symbolic, areas. They built up China because they are agents of the globalists.

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I let dandelions grow in my back yard for the most part. Just let them grow naturally. I don't do it in the front, though, because I have social sense that others would not like it. That is what seems to be lacking here.

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There are plenty of WILD, natural plants she should have used and most dunderheads wouldn't even realize they were edible. Are there rules against having weeds? Grow dandelions, lambs quaraters, purslane - I see all this in the grocery store now. Organic Dandelion leaves - $3 a bunch.