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Oh, and if Iran didn't think this was going to happen without US approval, why did they buy a very expensive array of air threat defense systems? At least the F-16s that are going to pound the Iran nuclear plants into a mulch field was provided by good ole Uncle Sam when he was still swinging a pair.

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For being the "expert in foreign affairs" for the Obama/Biden candidacy, this sure reeks of an ill informed VP. Israel will not allow itself to be threatened with annihilation and Netanyahu will certainly see to his county's security even without the American president's blessing. The way I see it, that's 3 strikes for the BO administration on North Korea, Iran, and his impending lack of response to the Somalia Pirates. Believe me, there are angry frogmen ready to deliver if he calls. Of course, we can't expect the President to displease the Somalia Government and the rest of the Muslim world. If Israel fails to act soon, the first non test nuclear detonation since WWI will occur in the Middle East. Is it possible that our Government has been neutered to this extent in only 3 months? Didn't we just see the first American President to bow to the king of Saudi Arabia a week ago?

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Filthy Creatures!

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Unfortunately this is the problem with immigration these days. Plenty of hard working, respectful people from abroad (to include Mexicans) would value being an American and work hard to contribute. It's not fair that these other militant anti-American economic refugees are given favorable status because their own religion has hi-jacked their own country. We can thank the Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid's for giving anyone a break on citizen’s status (illegals). All applicants should provide proof of their allegiance and their ability to contribute. I for one would like to see them in uniform for 3 years first. That way we could get a look at where their loyalties really lay. I fear that India will sooner or later have to engage Islam with a heavy hand if they are to maintain democratic rule. If not, there will be a lot more immigrants from your country! Oh, and did you see the proposition in Nashville for all business to be conducted with the city must be in English got shot down? Incredible! The proposition was purely in the interest of saving money since it costs the city hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to hire terps.

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Soldiers that participated in Gothic Serpent can tell you the real mentality of these "skinnys". These ass-wipes hid behind the skirts of women to fight with our Rangers and huddled in the masses of their children encouraging them to take to the streets so they could have cover. It got to the point that collateral damage acceptable when the local populace agreed to place themselves in front of the criminals hoping that American morality would save them. 18 Brave American soldiers and Seals died October 3rd, 1993. Estimates place the Somali losses above 3000. When will America get smart on these animals (I know, insulting to animals)? They will freely exclaim their hatred for Americans with their mouths while holding their hands out for welfare. And don’t forget, even though they are in your town, you are the Kuffar. Keep messing with these Southern boys and see what happens. I know some country boys that can’t be pacified.

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"Confines of the desert".......And then torched! It's really too bad that Israel has scraped a viable economy out of the holy land and made improvements beyond any imagination. Otherwise I would be for leaving these former shit holes to the Mohammedans. As long as a Christian or Jew breathes, the holy land will never be back in the hands of these dress wearing, sandal shuffling, wife beating, animal raping, child molesters. It gives me great comfort that they cannot have what they want. As for Christians trying to hang on in these Trashcanistans; time to migrate. Fortunately the first aggression nuclear detonation since WWII will surely be detonated in the Arab world. More than likely the button will be pushed by a nuclear armed Islamic nation.

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Is this some kind of "Southern" thing about serving alcohol near a church? I would venture to say that these ordinances don't exist in the Yank states or the west. Don't you know that Don Corleone likes to have a glass of wine with his lunch right after mass at the Bistro across the street from the church? "Abbondanza". Be sure to understand that this ordinance was written by a Baptist for a Baptist church. When will we learn to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with this kind of thinking and law writing?

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Has anyone ever seen the FLIR footage of an Army helicopter that caught these two young Iraqi men leading a donkey away from the settlement under the cover of darkness. Needless to say what happened, but they took turns holding the donkey still by his head. I wonder if there is anything considered an abomination in this culture of degenerates. Killing a young girl by lighting her on fire is just one rotten morsel cinched up in their sack of depravity.

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No way! Muslims are the majority in Indian prisons? Imagine that. A criminal religion gets persecuted because the law of the land is not good enough. Since India has dealt with the Muslim problem longer than anyone, we should see how they are handling it.

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Having trained (and trained with) Middle Eastern pilots, I can tell you that you are taking your life in your hands if you fly with one. While finishing up my Multi-Engine Commercial Checkride, the chief pilot told me of a Hadji that he caught falsifying his log book. He said the liar fell to his knees and begged for forgiveness. In another incident the same chief pilot of the school caught an Egyptian flight student at an FBO sipping tea while the airplane he was supposed to be soling was tied down with the engine running logging hours on the Hobbs meter. So, since it was an infidel school, I'm sure it was justified to lie and cheat even though you kill people because you're incompetent.