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They may have been push to make loans, but they are the ones that lowered the requirements, if a person didn’t qualify of a 400k house, don’t give them 400k. Maybe they should only get 150k. the head of the banks just didn’t care, they made all their money no matter who got screwed. Heck banks even paid assessors to over value houses to give larger loans. That’s not something that was mandated. The ultra-rich people took advantage of the deregulation and essentially raped America. They could have stayed within guidelines and met the law, they “the bank heads" didn’t give a damn. They all had their golden shoots ready.

Also a lot of those bad loans where given to the poor and not so educated. Have you tried reading all the paper work for a mortgage, its complicated? Most likely the banks just told people to sign and all would be good. Now it’s the debtors fault for signing, but the bank wasn’t making those loans in good faith because they didn’t educate the debtor to all the facts, if not outright hide information in lawyer speech.

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heres a question, and one i really dont know the answer to. if republicans where in control for 16 years, how could barney and chris keep those positions in congress. you would think if they where doing such a bad job the republicans would have the power to remove them from thier post, not the elected seat mind you, just the high power position inside of congress.

BTW i agree, they should both be fired from thier positions.

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it’s not for monopolies, it’s for companies like AiG that where "to big to fail" and would cause serious harm to national stability. if Microsoft fail or Intel, they can be replaced. The amount of money involved in aig and everything it touches would have been disastrous.

As far as appointed, that’s how most of government works. The FCC is appointed and not elected for example. The Elected are just a small part of it.

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and who gave out those loans, you cant just take money from a bank. they purposfully turned a blind eye and gave loans to people that had no buisness having a 400k home with no proof of income.

the republicans had control of congress for 16 years, and in the last 30 years they have been in the white house 20. the melt down took a lot longer than 2 years to create.

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Wow, did you need to swear, talk about hate.

Yes i know the majority of that decision was liberal, but it did take a conservative to tip the balance. If you read, i stated "conservative majority court", as in the balance of power is in the conservatives hands. Do you need a comprehension lesson?

No i am not a liberal, not by any stretch. Libertarian is a better way to describe my political views. You know, what conservatives once where before being taken over by the religious right.

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References? if you are going to post a quote, link it to a credible source or its just right wing hate spewing.

"Someone who loathes the American Constitution” if you truly believe that you need help. Just because someone has a different political leaning doesn’t mean they hate America or the constitution. Are you channeling Glen Beck?

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The amount of hate here is amazing. She is replacing a liberal judge as it is. Not long ago the conservative majority court expanded eminent domain so that the government could take land so it could make more income on taxes. Talk about walking all over the individual rights. she will not change the balance in the court, so no real harm is done. She at least understands the law and we can only hope that she can judge based on facts not feeling.

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its the idea of restructuring the tax system, not new taxes, replacements to the broken code. so your comment is not relevant to the topic, nor is it constructive.

The whole tax structure in Washington needs to be addressed, especially the levy system that's used to fund schools.

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and another drop out it seams.........
are you even capable of thinking for yourself or do you just listen to rush all day? Really? We have had a new pres. for 3 weeks and all you can do is bitch. At least Bush and his administration earned their bad reputation. Even conservatives didn't want any part of that administration anymore. I for one am willing to see how this plays out, and if it craps all over the place i will get to vote him out in 4 years. The current state the system is in is unknown territory for everyone. no one knows how this is going to play out, no one. one thing is clear though, putting back in the regulations that where taken away ten years ago so this doesn't happen again. the return to loan standards and the jailing of the people that committed fraud to get people loans they shouldn't have qualified for.

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well in defense of that type of spending, there is a lot of waste created by the DoD. take for instance flight line trucks that run standby for aircraft taking off. instead of using diesel fuel trucks, how about electric. For APU's that help start the planes, use renewable fuel cells instead of diesel. Have electric cars mandatory for on base transportation, instead of big buses that suck fuel. Do MP's really need armored humvee's in the states for all their transportation needs? Stuff like that would reduce waste and spending in the long term. We really need to be thinking about long term here, a lot of the problem is the instant gratification complex we have, thats why theres so much credit debt as it is.