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Yes, they updated it later and I posted such but for whatever reason it's not showing

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"We are looking at the possibility that they are related the late night patrol commander, Lt. Campbell, felt like it was important and I agree it was import to give to the public," said Iowa Police Sgt. Troy Kelsay.


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It could have been many different factors that caused this....sun, frost, texting on the phone, etc. I don't plan on allowing my daughter to drive herself to school when she hits 14 thats for sure.

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Children also go to school, day care and other activities where they come into contact with many other kids and objects that can be contaminated. Generally a child will not think of things such as using hand sanitizer, washing hands after touching objects other children touch, etc. Not to mention not all cover their coughs, sneezes, etc. Stuff tends to spread pretty quickly in schools.

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YES! I voted every day 10x a day and had everyone I know doing it. So happy the kids get a new gameroom :)

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I'm in the same situation as your father. I have been applying every where for over 7 months (right down to gas stations) and I was in a high ranking position at my old job. A lot of places are either on hiring freezes or I don't have the required experience that they require for their position due to being at my previous employment for so long and it was a different kind of work. I hope your father finds something.

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I bet it's my ex. He just got released the day prior for 2 OWIs and driving while revoked in less than 2 weeks and has a white truck. He's just that stupid to do something like that too.
I'm glad he was wearing a helmet! I see lots of cyclists that don't. Better to be safe than sorry even if you are an experienced rider. Never know what some other idiot will do.

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I live in the neighborhood where most of this stuff takes place that is causing this issue to arise. Half the time I cant get out of my driveway because the kids are in the way and they don't move (I've learned to just keep going, they get hit they more likely will not report due to active warrents). I can't tell you how many times coming home I have almost hit them on their bikes because you can't see them at night and once again, they don't move. I am now aware that my car is the cool hangout spot (hood, trunk, and once inside when my daughter forgot to lock the door we found pop cans and ashes everywhere and all my stuff moved around). Where the heck are the parents?!

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Glad to see I wasn't the only one thinking the above while reading this one!

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Good boy Mr X