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I have my towel. Do you?

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I have three words for you: animal style fries.

You're welcome.

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No, any offspring produced by that coupling would be way smarter than Sharron.

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As a possessor of a cunt, I respectfully ask you to not associate cunts with She Who Must Not Be Named. While mine is warm and billowy and inviting, I imagine hers is more like a Sarlacc. So, if you please:
The first rule of Sarlacc Club is, "You do not talk about Sarlacc Club."

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But they are also old enough to forget that they are old enough to remember good television.

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Thanks a lot, Sheriff!

Last year, after weeks of heavy drinking and banging my head against any hard surface I came across, I had succeeded in forgetting her comment. God! Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit bloody abortions all over Sharron Angle's face.

P.S. I am putting this next round of drinks on your tab, Roscoe.

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I would like to nominate my sister-in-law's youngest sister to take Bristol's place. She had two kids before the age of 19 because she and her boyfriend practiced abstinence. She also contracted an STD because her boyfriend practiced abstinence with a bunch of other girls. They practiced abstinence a lot, they just never actually accomplished it.

And, bonus, she would probably do it for $50, some Mountain Dew, and the cost of a Greyhound ticket from Kansas City.

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And homogeny for the good of society.

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Because Michael Voris S.T.B. can't fit in the Glory Hole, and that's why we all like Michael Voris S.T.B.

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Oh, good. So literacy is okay now.

I actually think there was some sort of reflective surface off-camera so she could make sure her overly-Botoxed facial expressions matched what she was saying:
"[Serious face] screech, screech, screech... [Angry face] screech, screech, screech... [Oh-my-god-I'm-so-pretty face] screech, screech, screech."