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As a thank you to Switzerland for taking the lead on resisting the islamification of western democracies, perhaps we could purchase several of their renowned Oerlikon 35mm cannons. I know that they are intended as anti-aircraft weapons, but I am sure the Somalian pirates would not appreciate the difference once on the receiving end..

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I have to say that your comment struck a chord with me. Traditional British values are a result of a very slow blend in the melting pot of genetics. It is the hasty, ill thought out and quite frankly poisonous additions to the pot in such a short space of time which are giving the blend such a bitter taste today.
This is not racism. It is simply a fact of humanity.

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Newspapers ? To paraphrase Churchill: "They occasionaly stumble over the truth, but hastily pick themselves up and hurry on as if nothing has happened". These days people are finding a less sullied wrapping for their fish and chips and are turning to the internet for informed opinion making journalism. Just look at the BNP website rankings.And with quality commentry such as the above offering, it is no wonder.
Have no fear,Truth will prevail.

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No doubt the Archbishop of Dimbleby will be urging his dwindling flock to vote BNP now, as we are the only UK party with the will to resist both secular and islamic onslaught. Or is worshiping on the altar of left wing politics more important to the church's so called "leaders" than the preservation and promotion of christianity ?

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Well done to Charlie Baillie and for the hard work of all the team who assisted in bringing about this significant result! It is a sad fact though, that Turkeys are still voting for Christmas (although it would be interesting to break down the ethnicity of the Labour vote !) Yet if we look at how far our party has come in the last twelve months it is apparent that the message is now gettting through, and this result bodes well for a nationalist sea change in the peoples forthcoming general election voting.

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Did you see Gordon Brown bowing his head in the traditional mark of respect when laying the wreath ?
Perhaps I missed it. Or perhaps he did not do it because he associates it with hanging his head in shame, knowing that the tragic loss of so many young lives, unnecessarily wasted, is on his hands.

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Nick, You did exceptionally well in the face of a hostile rigged audience, lilly livered "fellow" panelists and David Dim.. the unbiased (not!) referee.
If you can achieve what you did in those circumstances, when the playing field levels out a bit -as I am sure it will - then we will be on a roll.
I don't know if it has been mentioned, Jack Straw "conscientiously" refused to join his School Combined Cadet Force. No problems in sending our boys
into illegal wars now though has he ?

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The sad truth is that in the Armed Forces, Civil service and Police, senior officer/management recruitment is based upon the candidate scoring sufficiently high in a so called "competency framework". Now that the upper echelons of these once lauded institutions have become politicised by New Marxist Labour, those frameworks are defined in clearly political terms. The result ? Clone like creatures designed to perpetuate the political agenda of their creators. You know to whom I am referring Sir Richard, et al, don't you ?'

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Having penned my last comment, I wondered if I had misquoted the "Right is Might" phrase - One quick Google later:
I couldn't have put it better myself..

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Let me tell you about my day: 1) Heard the news about the "leak". 2) Felt pretty annoyed 2) Phoned Wife told her I hoped that the Guardian sponsored criminality would not result in our Children being targeted by extremists. 3) Finished 15 min call to my wife and felt 100% encouraged by her resoluteness, patriotism, love of fairness, justice, decency and all things British which are the envy of the World. 4) Read this article which made me feel even better. 5)Watched NICK GRIFFIN giving a masterclass in how to be interviewed on Channel 4 and felt even better ! .
Nationalists fear not - They fear us ! : RIGHT IS MIGHT ! - and Dear Guardian Reader, it will prevail...