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I think a NHS is a sign of a civilised society and have never understood why so many Americans are dead set against same. But and it is a big but to provide such health care people have to pay in on a regular basis. I mean week in week out for all their working lives. I paid NI for 45 years, fortunately I rarely used the service, but do so now because I have RA. I also get a state pension but I have paid for it. The service is collapsing now not because of people like me but the countless numbers using it who have paid in nothing or almost nothing. I don't begrude the disabled or chronically sick; thankful it is not me. But why should hoardes of immigrants just walk in and take, take, take. For people like me is isn't a free health service, nor should it be, but for them it certainly is. That is what angers; a good service is being destroyed.

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I suppose one should congratulate Plaid Cymru for sticking to its guns, but what did they expect from this man when they accepted him. Did they honestly think he was a proud Welshman who had only the interests of the party and people at heart. I wonder how much publicity his defection will get and the reason for same.
It makes Plaid Cymru look the fools they are. It just confrms what one though of the Tories. Happy to accept anyone, regardless of their standards, or rather lack of them. Who will this man and his daughter join next I wonder. Anybody who can make them a better offer no doubt.

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Excalibur2. You have said it all. Past and present, the elites believe in nothing but the twin Gods of power and money. Their one aim to remain at the top. Understand that and you understand everything. Sadly too few of us do.

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Donna, I have tried to understand the thinking of these white liberals but they baffle me. Can they not see that constantly seeking to defend black over white when it's obvious the black has committed a crime against a white, they are not being either liberal or fair. All they doing is trying to absolve a criminal of responsibility for his crime and seeking to belittle the victrim. Colour has nothing to do with it in fact. Do they not realise that such a policy will in time affect if not them, then their children or grandchildren who
will automatically be assumed to be in the wrong. If they feel that a white skin is not nice and all that is black is better, why do they not go and live in a predominently black area, send their children to predominently black schools and generally immerse themselves in black culture.

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Those set upon a NWO ignore the lessons of history at their peril. They destroyed the Kulaks quite forgetting that they were the foundation upon which the state relied for its continuing existence. Examine the quotas and five year plans and none of it worked. Despite the parades, press control etc right from the start the USSR sowed the seeds of it's destruction. It lasted for a few decades; a blink of the eye and it had come and gone. It could only maintain the illusion with fear and used vast resources to control people. But the world has changed. Yes, they may rid themselves of we new Kulaks but what will be left. A multicultural Britain with the propensity for violence of many ethnic groups, and the Islamic agenda. The result won't be a NWO with a docile frightened population. It will be an ongoing war with many different armies. Hitler tried to socially engineer a new Europe - result war and chaos. The USSR tried it - result wars and chaos. Unfortunately those determined on their NWO are so arrogant and divorced from reality that they never learn. Truely they are more dangerous than any terrorist.

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The Tower of Babel, so it is said, was God's curse on mankind. The object being to sow confusion and disorder. No society, be it a borough, county town or city can function when so many different languages are not just spoken but given equal acceptance. It is physically impossible for the police, schools, health services, doctors surgeries, government offices etc to provide a service. Because these services are in place does not mean they are working properly; just that they are there. Read history, look at the great empires that encompassed many peoples speaking different languages. All government services and business was conducted in one language. If you did not understand that language tough. The state made no concessions because it realised that to do so would dilute it's authority. Do this lot have any idea where this is going.

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What a lovely cheerful poster. May that glass held high portend a future victory. Nick Griffin wins Barking.
Not just a great day for us but a great day for Britain.

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From what you say Slovenia and the other Balkan states will soon be so enriched as to make the lives of the natives as unpleasantly diversified as is the case elsewhere. Is it my imagination or is the EU becoming coded language for all that is crime ridden, dirty, backward, diseased, uneducated and a pretty poor excuse for a civilisation.

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"I think it's less that people don't know and more that they don't want to know." I must agree with you and ask myself why they don't want to know, especially if they have children. Could it be because the truth is too frightening and so they pretend to themselves that it isn't happening. That is a very human reaction in some people. If they admit it it means they have to start doing something about it. That means voting for a party that they have been consistently told is comprised of racists, nazis and thugs. They know they are none of these things but they also know that if they don't vote BNP it will get worse. It might dawn on some that if they are not racist then neither are we, and we were speaking the truth. But some will go on pretending all is rosy until the day they or theirs are personally threatened.

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I know some of the young can be easily led, but I have met more than one old fool who drinks it all in. Many of our young are quite astute. They resent white, males especially, frequently being portrayed as bad. The programme makers forget that their viewers live in the real world; teenage females have loving brothers, fathers, uncles. More than once I have been taken aback by the depth of their feelings towards male Muslims, even those who seem very westernised. My cousins 17 year old daughter once said to me "I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them. They seem ok with us but only because they can't get away with treating us like their sisters. I go to college with some muslims girls and they have to do what they are told and if they don't they will hit them. They are not protecting them they're bullies, and I think they should all have their balls cut off." She is quite a lively young lady but she wasn't joking and she wasn't the only one to think like that. It gives one hope.