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Congrats to this girl. I read the one with Marvin McKenzie and it impressed me that he achieved an open scholarship without having taken any lessons because he simply could not afford extra lessons. Then I read the one with the president's medal winners and the girl said something about it being difficult because she had to go to lessons after school. And I'm sitting there thinking, that's difficulty? Studying while shots are being fired outside, not having anything to eat, not having money to buy your books far less for lessons...that is difficulty. I truly believe the president's medal should have been given to someone who proved they can overcome these horrors and still succeed, not some spoilt brat rich kid who has everything in place to ensure their success. This girl did this on her own, without the best of everything to help her along. That deserves a lot more recognition that it got.

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I would like to know where this place is or a contact number or something. You all can't just tell us there's a delicious doubles place and not tell us how to get there!!!

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The sentence is fine the way it is. Saghs did not win the most open scholarships. They won the most overall. Hillview won the most open, which is what the author was conveying. The use of the word "while" is perfectly correct as the author says WHILE saghs won the most overall...HILLVIEW won the most open scholarships. "And as a result" CLEARLY cannot be used here. You are giving an English lesson where none is needed.

Perhaps you should have read beyond the first sentence and you would have understood better.

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Dude looks like a zombie in that photo.

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Free advertising and promotion for Smalta and Crix. I can see the taglines already. "Smalta, the drink of choice for hunger strikers." "Crix, the rightest food for starving mad men."

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It was not a deceptive headline. It was a mistake. If I have a story saying the minister of health had dinner with his niece and put a headline saying he was having dinner with a "mystery woman", that is deceptive. This was not. It was a mistake plain and simple. geez.

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Editors are humans. Not robots. They make mistakes. What's important is that they recognized it and fixed it. You people are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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Yes, That's why Bandy was murdered on sight. If it was really the police that killed him, they did Laventille and the whole country a service.

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What allyuh smoke? I want some.

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Did you go to school at all? The guy raped his daughter, not some random girl. Identifying him would also identify her. Which is a crime. Which is what Express is avoiding committing. In the case of the "indian woman", she allegedly raped "a boy in freeport". How many boys live in freeport? A hundred? A thousand? Identifying her still leaves the public with no idea who the boy was. It had NOT A DAMN THING to do with race. It is about protecting the innocent. His picture would be posted if not for the fact that it would reveal who the victim was. Check yourself before calling the Express racist. Because the only racist I see here is YOU.