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@Trinidad...., listen to this, and remember I am quite to hell in Germany and this is the information I am getting and I am putting it out and I always try my best not to be wrong but the fellah I am talking too is ah ”High up” Police in Trinidad one of the few I trust, every time whe have a conversation he seems to be on target.
1. The biggest Fishes in the drug trade in Trinidad are Syrians
2. That means they are also the biggest importers of guns and ammunitions as well because drugs and weapons work in Tandem.. The same method and means to smuggle, they come in on the same boats
3. Most of the Guns and weapons seem to end up in most of the "Hot spots" most of the crimes to include black on black are perpetrated by kneegroes”
4. Most of the criminals prosecuted for crimes with illegal weapons are” kneegroes”
The security company that is raking in hundreds of millions from providing transportation of the said criminals is owned by the said people that is bringing in most of the drugs and weapons in this country...go figure.

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@MNS.....Yes Griffy Boooyyyy!!!!!.. whe is, the only thing whe not ready for is to fight corruption, lock up dem big fish, fix whe pot holes, fix whe traffic woes, fix whe shortage of water woes, fix whe borders that allow dem to bring in drugs and guns, and may I also add ammunition as well? Ah did, yes Boy whe ready for dem and whe also ready for Ebola as well too ..ent? STEUPS.. ah almost forget whe also ready for ah strong down poor in the city, no more flooding. Lord have mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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UMMMM.. another reason why I think weed should be used legally as a recreational drug, ah can't remember reading where someone smoke some good weed and then did something as dotish as that, or for that matter having the urge to play with ah blue light or grabbing bobby on ah plane, ah tell yuh this 'Fire water" should be outlawed because it wuss den weed. STEUPS.

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Let me know when they take him to the creek for cremation, I will send my condolence to his family and to the Express for hyping this Fraudulent Critter over and over and over ah darm gain. STEUPS.

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UMMMM. Maybe because "Sensible" readers would have liked to comment on more "Sensible" topics.. Notice the stories that are of importance and that can lead to intelligent discourse are for the most part blocked as to stories that are normally found on 'trash" tabloids are always 'open' for discussion... No Comment....' STEUPS...UMMMM.. ah change meh mind ah have ah comment....ummmm... I can just Imagine Kamla doing it....She probably does fantasize she doing it with King kong or perhaps Godzilla..Ah wonder if she does wear Thongs or Blumers, or perhaps Fruit of the Loom Boxer shorts and if all ah dem Yellow..or some ah dem actually Red, White & Black.. Nah, yellow, that is she favorite color... Eh?

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Or.. a person that lost hope......we will never know.....

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@Express.. If I am not mistaken, and beleve me when it come to allyuh I try meh best not to be mistaken but I think it's the third time I wrote an article on this story and each time I read it again, meh blog disappear, why? What part of meh blog is making allyuh feel contrite?

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@President of Trinidad and Tobago..OR @ Minister of National Security.. For me, if I was holding a Portfolio such as yours, after reading this story I would have had a "Major" cause for concern on the issuing of firearms to private citizens in this country. Amen

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@Trinidad and Tobago....
1.He was on charges for embezzlement millions of dollars
2. A church is not a business and they do not pay taxes as far as I know so can anyone explain to me how ah “Crooked” “Pastor” is considered ah Businessman and is allowed to have ah “Licensed” privately owned weapon in this country in the first place
3. The fact that he was facing charges for embezzlement, was that not reason to confiscate the weapon in the first place.
4. Is it normal in Trinidad for Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Shango, Seventh day Adventist, Jehovah Witness Pastors "All' are allowed to own firearms or it was just him because he was ah "Special" case?
5. I just cannot comprehend the logic, and I am quite comfortable with the fact that he hunted and slaughtered his own family as to hunting mines or some of the other victims he embezzled

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Not saying it would have happend to you but if it was your family that was shot at would the contents of your blog be the same?......