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It is safe to say from all accounts hear thus far that this man brought it upon himself by slapping the woman!
He himself after he is discharged from hospital should be charged immediately for assault and battery, and BOTH of them seriously need a LOT of counselling!

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1. We the people have no trust in you Mme PM since you and your lying cohorts have been caught doing such countless times now. Without repentance and with a LOT of downright impunity.
2. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.....need I say more?

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To sum up all that you've just said: "The love of money is the root of ALL EVIL."
-It led to these guys actions.....
-It led to these guys having it out with the police....and losing
-It leads the current primetime showings of all manner of human indecency; intrinsically "we like it so".

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Live by the sword............

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THAT, kids is what happens when you have a team that:
1. Heavily depends on one man to make things happen.
2. Leaves the midfield WIDE OPEN for the opposing team to dominate.
3. Doesn't know how to man-mark in their own box!
I'm not a Brazil fan, I just like to see really a really good fight.
These German shepherds had the room and space to utterly bite the ankles of the Brazilian pothounds!

David Rudder on his FB page said it in a nutshell:
"One game.

One game.....has destroyed a team.
One game.....has shamed a nation.
One game.....has ended some careers.
One game....has doomed men to permanent exile.
One game ....has probably exiled their families too.
One game.....will cause their children to find new schools.
One game.....could cause suicide attempts.
One game.....will probably finish off a coach.
One game.....will re open that question of excess.
One game.....and the underclass is back in the spotlight.
One game.....will damage the government big time.
One game.....has seriously damaged that amazing aura.
One a team that was living on a prayer.
One football game."

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My disapproval comes in with the tone of the Police Commissioner when he said those things! It's almost as if he was jealous of Mark since Mark is making the CoP look like a pansy who's afraid to go out there and stick his neck out!!!
Besides, you feel Bassant did NOT know that this may have been coming?

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Sooo, this is what my money is paying him to do in his leisure. "It eh my bizniz"...I know that. It's just that Ministers are suppose to uphold the Constitution and the LAW and last time I checked, possession of an illegal substance is still, well, ILLEGALL
PM, you think we waiting on 2015?
At this rate there won't be anyone left in your cabinet by then!!!!! Well....probably still Anand!

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Volney claimed full responsibility for Section 34, and will therefore pay a sum of money to a charity of the AG's choosing.

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You might be too late for that....he is probably speeding to CNMG now to say "Yuh see! Dat is perfor-"
Whoops, wrong guy!
"Yuh see! This is a demonstration of how our Government is getting a handle on crime!"