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Excellent presentation of 'facts' (I don't know where you got them, so I will take your word for it for now).
What I wanna ask from you though is don't you find $7.5bn to be way too expensive for such a relatively short highway?

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It is a good day to see my officers have something to make them more accountable to us. However, how can it be so when the present system that the officers work in does not facilitate that.

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DEA is no jokey police nah......this might account for why several ministers are filthy rich well beyond their Government salaries.....it seems that the curtain call has finally come for these alleged evil-doers

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Why ask someone to stop a legit enquiry when you've already been cleared?
Better to be doubly right and REMOVE ALL DOUBT!!!!

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Thanks ;)

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Where you got that? I AM SERIOUS.
I'm trying to locate that too! Do NOT post a link though because the admin will delete it. Just tell me where to go.

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I eh holding meh breath on this issue..I'm just waiting VERY patiently to see:
1. Who was right all along....
2. WHAT the AG is going to do right now....
3. Who will be arrested first.....oh no wait, in this country, them doh get arrested for conspiracy (allegedly)

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I am seeing a lot of uneducated folks making a lot of stupid assumptions. Let me address them:
1. "They are not emails"
We can no more prove that they were emails because nobody has established exactly HOW those "emails" came to be in the hands of Dr Rowley. If you can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that those are not, then why haven't you submitted that evidence to the police?
2. "Google cyar give out them emails"
Google has to abide by their Code of Ethics, meaning that they can divulge the contents of someone's email account because said person may be suspected of a conspiracy to commit a crime. Even if said emails are deleted, Google MUST retain those emails for 3-5 years.
3. "The email address of the AG is fake, so them cyar be real emails"
Nobody can dispute that the anand email header is a fake address. This interconnects with my first point. What can be proven are the start and end points of an email's communication using Internet protocol addresses of the sender's and receiver's devices.

If Google can find and prove that (despite the inaccuracies in the email addresses):

a. The IP addresses match
b. The timelines match
c. The email's contents (even if it is only a PART) match with the "source material"

Then they have enough to give the Integrity Commission, that is, IF THEY SO CHOOSE!
At the end of it "One shall stand. One shall fall." Who will it be????

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Even if what you say is true with Sir Ellis and the Wooding Commission (not that I can readily prove that as yet), that was already done.
We are seeing something that can have seriously negative impacts to our country's stability during elections. Impacts that not only challenge our country's ability to function properly but can also follow on to your grandchildren who may ask " why the hell did they allow such bad legislation to pass?"
Do you REALLY want that to be your legacy, with your posterity cursing you for being a sold-out wimp?

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That I can agree to wholesale...not the bill as it is currently represented!