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When will we see a movement to make all these insane contributions made illegal - and put those who do it under the table in jail?

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Poor old right-wing dufuses were denied access to a private citizen's laptop information. Wah! Wah! Wah! Go cry to Judge Aliene Cannon

The real problem with America is there just aren't enough stupid people to elect a grifter like Trump for a second term.

Musk claims he supports free speech and then cancels many accounts of people who are critical of his BS!

I cancelled my Twitter account two years ago. :)

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Trump having dinner with Fuentes. Gave this idiot credence. That's what was wrong with it.

Anyone with a brain could care less what Trump thinks. He's a loser (three-time) and he's going to prison, but his base still devours his every utterance. So he still has power.

Hey Giraldi you claim you looked at the historical record - so what did you find? That it never happened? LOL

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LOL, Trump repent? He'll destroy America before that.

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Russian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Yan Rachinsky blasted President Vladimir Putin’s “insane and criminal” war on Ukraine in his acceptance speech in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

Maybe the world should listen to this guy.

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True arrogance is those who believe that God intervenes in individual human life through such concepts as Prayer or miracles and desperately try to subjugate others to those beliefs.

The idea that they have discovered the secret and mysterious meanings of God through a book (The Bible, which was written by dozens if not hundreds over many, many years as the word of God) is ridiculous. :)

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America will never be able to catch up to China with infrastructure rebuilds, too many Republican voters that refuse any use of their land other than cattle grazing.

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Well, having family that have had to run from Putin's tyranny. I guess I'd be one of the idiots who doesn't have my feet on the ground. We really don't see him as a great leader., but then I don't see Trump as a great leader either.

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Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Paul Gosar have spent the better part of the last two years lying. Why would anyone be stupid enough to believe what they are saying now?

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OH, but big Saudi money is involved. And The Saudis have the one thing I absolutely detest - A Royal family.