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This is a joke. The pot calling the kettle black. There is probably no major power less inclined to make trouble than today's China. The principle threat to "world order" is the USA itself. Until it falls, there will be no peace.

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I agree Joan, you tell 'im! That creep has been shilling for the Dems in these threads for the past couple of years. He is very much to blame for the death and destruction.

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Excellent, Caitlin, excellent. Especially Point no. 2.

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Thanks, Pepe, for relaying this crucial information to us, couched in intelligent, witty analysis. Surely the Western presstitutes will distort Xi's words and tell us he gave a "belligerent" speech. Knowing what he said gives me a certain comfort, as it helps me to see that my perceptions are indeed reflected in the words of the wiser leaders of the world.

Europe needs to the throw off the American yoke and let the 'Murcans work their deep problems out alone. A China-Russia-Europe axis would leave the lying Yanks in the dust.

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hear hear!

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Very good point, Barberry

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I feel for you, Jimbo. I moved out of the country in late 2002 because I knew something like this was coming. A society cannot remain standing if poised atop a house of cards of lies. And the lies keep on coming. Personally, I think Covid itself came from the US and is part of the desperate plan to maintain hegemony even while all other indicators of strength (economy, culture, discourse) go to the dogs. It won't end well, because it simply cannot. The cancer at the heart of the state must be torn out, or the state must die. Those are our choices.

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This sort of strife may feel bad for many Americans, but the Schadenfreude for the rest of the conscious world must be immense.

Pepe, as usual, says it well.

Mass mutiny in the military would be a nice follow-up. Those lads may be grunts, but they have eyes in their heads.

But my fear, now, is a new wave of false-flag terror. The ghouls are clearly desperate, and may feel the need to push that button.

I couldn't help but notice that there was none in Trump's four years. No fake, FBI-created, patsy-driven fake "terror" attacks. People have pointed out that he started no new wars, but it's also interesting that all those bizarre kabuki-like "terror" events (think Boston Marathon) completely evaporated.

Later historians--if there is indeed to be a conscious, intellectually honest future--will have an interesting time parsing Trump's four years...

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That's some seriously cockamamie anthropology, Cali.