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That's too bad. I'll probably pick up '64 Godzilla but I can't see myself picking up mush Showa stuff after that anyway. Maybe a Jet Jaguar, but I'm sure that's a longshot anyway.

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Yup, I've heard most people have it. Definitely unfortunate.

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Ahh, I see. So while Hasbro technically had the rights, they didn't really compensate him for the fact that they used a personal design for a toy.

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Actually I've got some of them on preorder on BBTS, but don't have any yet. They do look amazing, though. Love the art style and the affordability. I'm a sucker for original designs and backstory.

And yea, I'm definitely excited for the future releases. The buggy for sure!

I did actually link to the Acid Rain blog website in the interview, but I just linked to the main Ori Toy website up above. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Glad you enjoyed it! And they should be popping up at BBTS shortly.

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Thanks :) He's definitely worth the pickup. you'll be glad you got him!

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I've got all 3 of these on the way now! I know they're not that great, but I loved the movie too much not to grab them. Now where is series 2?

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That they are. I just have mixed feelings with this one. Some parts are great, and some parts just aren't. I think I'm just comparing it too much to an RD EVA.

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Thanks! It's definitely a fun figure, but it's no where near the quality of the Robot Damashii ones.

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With an SRC? I would say probably too small. What kind of Kaiju toys? Vinyl or MonsterArts? If you're looking for a cheap-ish EVA toy the RD Unit 01 can still be found for about $35-$40 most places and it's freaking amazing.