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Its funny to see all the lefty critics boo this film (Rotten Tomatoes). Not a vet among them I would imagine. To bad the public likes it. As a front line combat vet I'm happy to see a film that is pro military. Hollywood loves to portray vets as victms or villiains. Well, F U critics and Hollywood. The people have spoken. It's a hit.

To be fair. If your looking for the SEALS to win the best actor oscar, not so much. Who cares.

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Why wouldn't they? The Yes Men and Rolling Stone are both lefty idealogues where the truth is second to the hive mind. It is perfectly legal to hire a PI ro gather information on whomever you want. I could hire a PI to find out who you are and not violate any laws. Whats your complaint?

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Want to see liberal BS in action? Hop over to The critics 23% / public 85%. The left hates any movie about troops that is even remotely supportive. I bet Robert Redford's elderly woman jowls are trembling anger.

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Thanks and welcome home to you brother.

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I am an Iraq and Haiti vet. USMC infantry and US Armt Guard infantry. The first question I ask any vet is what was their MOS. Most Iraq/Afg, vets spent their whole time inside the wire (POG's, Fobbits, REMFS). They were dispersing, admin etc. They dont have any more clue of whats going on outside the wire than most civilians. If you want to know whats what on the battlefield, you need to talk to a combat arms guy. Doesnt mean they did not have an important job. But as far as battlefield conditions tehy are clueless.

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Cohen is an Orthodox jew. He is using the word "Zionist" to make fun of people who use "Zionist" as an attack word. Thats his shtick. He uses overtly racist and anti sematic terms while playing an idiot character.

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Please, the only reason I would watch the Oscars would be to see someone f&%k with those self important twits.

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I was enlisted Marine Corps Infantry (Later Army Guard Infantry). I got hired as a cop about a year after getting out of the Corps. Police/Fire are good places to check if you were combat arms. Here in Cali cops / firefighters, even corrections do really well.

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F*&^kin funny!

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Okay so, say whatever you want then apolagize the next day. Where else does this work? Try that with your spouse, boss, parents etc..These lefties live in their own little world.