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he doesn't need help from me - his ego is of unbounded by any scientific modeling currently known to mankind.

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Bill Press is a douchebag. I'm sure Andrew is looking down on you, as he will be through the eternities...

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Why stop there? There are some Diety figures your supporters liken you to, you could do the Superman chest pull and call yourself Peter Parker, you've clearly put yourself into the same circle as Abe Lincoln. Hell, you can recede the rising waters of the ocean and heal our planet - why not say you've Mother Nature, too.

BTW, what Mandela and Gandhi did WAS hard - that is the opposite of Ubama - the man is the laziest POS the White House will ever see.

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Dershowitz was talking to you, genius.

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Wow, that might leave a mark. I'm sure Media Matters will vilify the latest to wander off their liberal plantation, as the left is want to do.

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And the problem is what, exactly?

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Moore looks like he just rolled out of his basement bed, rolling over a bunch of Doritos left in the sheets from the night before on the way to his shoes. Christie almost always is in a suit and tie.

Moore's command the English language doesn't dissuade anyone from thinking he's just another disgruntled college drop-out. His logic (if you can call it that) is often little more than a Marxist influenced screed about "the rich" (of which he is one) and "the privileged" (which he is - google "moore mansion"). Christie speaks like he's got a BA & JD.

Moore is a hypocrite - he lives one life while making money in a capitalist system while decrying the same system and making money from the fools who endorse his hypocrisy. You may not like Christie, but he' doesn't have two faces - Moore has more faces that he has chins.

Moore is repugnant pig. Christie is a well spoken representative for what he believes in and a responsible public servant. Christie is a maker, Moore is a disgusting and repulsive taker. Maybe their weight is about the same but that's about where the similarities end.

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this while "Operation Fat Slob & Whale Blubber" goes on to make sure Moore stays among the top 1% in BMI.

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the guy's not stupid - he's a liberal, where looking good is far more important than actually doing good. Unfortunately, Christie is only feeding into Buffet's need to have everyone think is non-financial opinion really matters.

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You're missing the essence of liberalism - the entire point is to create rules for OTHER people, e.g. YOU. Let me provide a few examples:

Moochelle is telling YOU what to eat while dining tax-payer funded lobster (with associated a$$-widening)
TurboTax Timmy is telling YOU that higher taxes are necessary (which he won't pay)
Ubama tells YOU that you need to work harder while hitting knocking off at 4pm and golfing 1/2 the time

This is the heart of liberalism - they sit and make rules for you, not them.

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