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We will always love you Andrew, FOR YOUR HONESTY AND COURAGE. Thank you for standing up for the decent conservative people, and our values. I am a Christian, conservative, friend of Israel and libertarian, when it comes to economics. You saw the light, and I hope all the people around you, especially the young ones - you inspired, will continue your great work. GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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God Bless You Andrew, thanks for everything. Prayers to your familiy. I hope you friend will your work going.

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This is magnifcent, Reaganesk, Newt are cornering everybody. What should they say? Appeas the Castro brothers? If he takes the hspanic vote, wth Rubio as VP. This is interesting times??? He is hitting every hot button.

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There is no racism, only its time for blacks end their careers as victims, as Allen West points out. For which blacks are misused by the DEMs. They want to make every American into victims, thats their only future or voter pool, in their own minds. As many dependent as possible, thats why Europs is sinking. Americans are too smart to go for that.

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Great Rush, you are always right on the money!

By the way Churchill had a lousy first career, rose to the occasion in the second. Who knows, Newts time has come, America need a straight talker/ shooter.

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Point well taken, but I just cant see that Mitt. R will ignite. Before SC they might have felt the same about Newt.

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Thats for the voters to decide, Santorum!!!

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He is toast, he has played defence too long. Newts flaws are now so well known, so Mitt R has no more gun powder against Newt. Nor has Obama. Newt can now say: Thats all covered and exposed in the primary. Or he could say to the press if he wins the nomination, when you have wetted Obama, dug up his past, exposed it, which you did not do in 2008, I shall answer you attack question. Anyway they are already covered/ answered anyway.
Here Newt shows his brilliance as an academic: Also in world affairs, he is unbeatable, his private life is a spent force.

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Brilliant Newt, the plain truth, will set America free again!!!!

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Great point.
Reagans victrory came by taking on the EVIL EMPIRE, which is what the media is: PURE EVIL.