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'Loyalty', now there's a word you don't hear very often.......................

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Well said Nick! And my own personal greetings to every BNP member and to every person who will be voting BNP in the next election - A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to each and every one of you, it is a pleasure and an honour to be associated with you.

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Frank Ellis is a Russian tutor at Leeds University.

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One thing's for certain - it's warming up on the political front in the UK :-) Turn the heat up on Liebour/Con/Lib/Kip - VOTE BNP.

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Probably best to contact via these Reg (if you haven't already done so) :-

Telephone: 02070 783269
Email: enquiries@bnp.org.uk

No need to tell them your name. Hope you can find a way to do it, I think we need everything we can get!

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Here is a very simple method of giving you all an idea of how much these people "love this country". Let's talk cricket. Watch a one-day game of England v Pakistan or England v India. See how many "I love England Pakistanis" or "I love England Indians" are wearing England shirts. The grounds are FILLED with these Pakistanis and Indians but I've never seen ONE wearing an England shirt and I've been watching these one-dayers for 20 years.

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These may help keep your computer protected if it's not already. They are all FREE programs (so obviously only download the free versions). Seem to keep my PC clean of the nasties..........






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There isn't a hope in hell that I would have allowed my children to attend this outrage. Were the children shown the banners held in muslim marches in our country declaring 'Death to those who insult Islam', 'Your 9/11 is coming', Death to all Infidels' etc........? Were they shown all the Youtube videos of muslims in the UK declaring that all non-muslims must die? There is a lot of anger building up in this country against these idiots and I dread the day when it explodes...........

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I despair..............

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My goodness - what a sad, ignorant and uncaring bunch of idiots we have governing this Country...........