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This is really shocking news and seems to underline the point that race, and racial differences of nature, are not a myth. How shocking must all this be for all who want to build, or restore, a stable and cohesive society. That does not mean, however, that nurture is not important as: it jolly well is. We need to bring back the death penalty for murder and a good hiding for violent or excessively unco-operative bahviour in schools. How we ought to long for the 1950s!

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The BBc has done irreperable damage to any semblance of impartiality it had. It is high time that it was brought to book for this.

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In the last ten years both Spalding and Boston, in Lincolnshire, have undergone a large scale migrant invasion. Boston is now made-up of 25% foreign stock and Spalding is approaching it. This is rural England, already.

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Free speech and free thought are under threat from the twin heads of Islam and Marxism. Eventually these tyrants will turn upon each other, rather like the two parties to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact did. In the meantide we have to work and pray for the upholding of Western values and freedoms in this our Nation and society. Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang are both Christians and are to be put on trial in Liverpool for criticising Islam on 8th December - something that Islam very much needs, as we all do. This is the first trial of its kind in the UK and is a blatant attack on freedom of expression and thought. We must continue to pray that these two Christians (and freedom of speech) will be vindicated.

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I was at a Church of England conference, recently, and it was clear that most, if not all, of the clergy and laity in attendance there held the Episcopal bench in the lowest regard due to their record of infidelity to all that had made the Church of England an asset to the land. The bishops have done nothing to keep the Book of Common Prayer or the King James Bible in use and have allowed the pulpit to be taken over by fake-vicars (false prohphets) who know not one end of the Bible from the other. We would gladly welcome Mr North and many other members of his church into the Christian Council of Britain.

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Yes, it can be disconcerting to speak in the face of the devil, and all his cohorts, but that is something that God calls us to do when we are facing the deconstruction of our own society and of all of its freedoms, for everyone in it. Mr Nick Griffin MEP did very well in the face of such needlessly personal hostility towards him. A lot of members of the public are beginning to see just how good Mr Griffin is, and are anxious to hear the sensible comments that he has to make on the massive issues facing us all at the present time.

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The illiberal establishment are racist against their own people. They are also lacking in foresight and insight. If they can treat their own people this badly, how will they treat the immigrant descended population when their time comes; and it will! We must do our best to dismantle the divide-and-rule society before it dismantles all of us, of whatever ethnicity we are from.

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I think that the continued bullying of the BNP by the establishment and media will contribute to a groundswell of support and sympathy for the Party; and rightly so. The British have never admired bullies and have always shown fairness and greatness of soul to the bullied. Whilst some members and supporters will withdraw from the Party to protect family, friends, and jobs, others will rally to the standard and show that spirit of 1940 which showed someone else where he could get off.

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The feminists seem to be very silent about forced foreign marriages whilst being terribly brazen about their own rights here in Britain. Doubly standards?

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They have brought shame and dishonour upon their community.