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12 years ago @ Natalia Sylvester - A Call for More Romanc... · 1 reply · +1 points

Amen to this.

Also, I've always loved to read aloud, just to feel the words in my mouth and on my tongue. I do this less often when my husband's around, because he looks at me like I'm a nut job.

12 years ago @ Natalia Sylvester - The Scent of a Good Book · 1 reply · +1 points

This makes me think of elementary school. Middle school. High school. I have fond memories of a succession of first days, when the textbooks were passed out. The first thing I'd do upon receiving mine was try to surreptitiously flip the pages and inhale. Then I'd flip to the front page to see the names scrawled there: everyone who'd had the book before me. It never occurred to me that books could carry the smells of their previous owners, though. Loved this post!

13 years ago @ http://chezsven.blogsp... - Writer?Innkeeper?Write... · 0 replies · +1 points

That Finding Your Book class sounds like fun! I'm with Kris. I could use some help trying to figure out whether or not I have a nonfiction book in me... and what it is.

Here's hoping you can find a balance between inn-keeping and writing. It can be so. frustrating. to have your time taken up by one thing when you're so consumed with the writing fever.
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13 years ago @ Natalia Sylvester - Does My Voice Deceive ... · 1 reply · +2 points

I once read a really hilarious post about this by Lemondrop's Redacted Guy:

He called it IRL Syndrome, and he bemoaned how much better he was on paper. He was talking about dating, but I connected to the piece so strongly because I'm WAY better in writing. I always was.

I'm braver. I'm funnier. I'm more articulate. I give damn good e-mail, that's for damn sure.

I love this line of yours: "This is still me, just a version that, in person, might take a bit longer to come out and show itself." It's so true and I often forget that and it makes me feel better. :)
My recent post Having Trouble Defining Your Specialty How To Determine What Makes You An Original

13 years ago @ Stratejoy with Molly M... - Why I Cried on My Hone... · 1 reply · +1 points

I love your boss's reaction. Now *that's* the sign of a good boss: one who's eager to see his employees learn, grow, and succeed.

I wish you lots of luck now that you've jumped ship! I know how it is when a source of safety and stability only ends up holding you back. Kudos to you for realizing you'd outgrown it, and were ready to move forward.

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Oh god, and I apologize if I just sounded a little too Lifetime Network.

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I'm glad you came back. Figuring out what to take away from a tragedy such as the earthquake in China is difficult. Life is fragile, and you should live with that in your subconscious, but rather than allowing it to paralyze you with fear, you should let it force you to let go. Feel the preciousness and importance of each moment and each day. Live harder and just generally rock life the eff out. I enjoy seeing you do that with your children. Seeing them grow, even through this blog, is like being reminded of how lucky we all are to be here. After all, no one brings more wonder to life than a child.

16 years ago @ DasBecca - Holier than thou. · 0 replies · +1 points

I always find it amazing that real-life people actually act like movie arch-villains. I don't know why I keep being so surprised, and allowing myself to get all sorts of worked up and agitated. Like, how can they exIST!?

On a side note, the dynamic between you and your husband sounds exactly like the dynamic between me and my husband. Basically, he starts talking coding and my eyes glaze over.

16 years ago @ DasBecca - Baked. · 0 replies · +1 points

Children get into all sorts of messes despite the lengths their mothers go to protect them. I know this because I was once a pain-in-the-butt little one. You're a fabulous mother, and both your children will grow up still believing you're a superhero. I feel the same way about my mommy.

Hope all is well!

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I'm still in the nascent blogging stage where I don't feel qualified enough to actually make money on my selfhelpme blog, but I do read ProBlogger -- at -- religiously, and I know that if you search through his archives, you'll find a number of meaty posts on varying web advertising options. This dude is incredible. Really. Check it out.