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I have the dubious pleasure of knowing this guys Brother....... he's a first class candle polisher too.


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Good report GA. Subscription set up.


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I've just posted ...........

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it comes as no surprise to me that the emergency services now behave in this fashion. After all, Schools are staffed in the main with namby pamby woolly jumper brown rice eating hand wringing brigade. I swither whether to call them a brigade, however. They have banned conkers, British Bulldog, Hopscotch, leapfrog....I could go on. They are ruining our youth. Is it any wonder that coppers and Fireman have no stomach for anything other than race hate crime as long as it is white on black crime of course._That is of course unless you are wealthy enough to send your children to private School where Army cadets and all of the above are still allowed...............strange that isn't it._Indefatigable

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I believe it was in the 1950's or 60's that Scotland, Glasgow in particular, had a major problem with gangs and individuals carrying cut throat razors. After some time, the penalty for carrying such a weapon was increased to 15yrs. This was also enforced by the courts. There is a need for a strong deterrrent in these matters. Remember, the 15 year penalty was for carrying one.......not using it., that should attract a higher tariff.
The probem is that politicians and courts and Judges have no appetitie to sentence these low life scumbags................. Still, come the revolution they will hang.


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I cannot believe that the local Parish Council even need to consider debating whether our Union Flag should be flown or not. There should be no debate, surely to goodness the Parish Council should be saying to our "friend from the Commonwealth", what the hell are you complaining about, you are living in Great Britain....not the Caribbean, what the hell do you expect. No doubt the hand wringing, mealy mouthed, treacherous Marxist Liberals on the Council will side with the minority. They should be dragged kicking and screaming to British War Cemetetaries in France and other far flung corners of the world to see the sacrifice with their own eyes. They should be forced to stand at the Menin Gates night after night listening to the ceremony. Damn filthy traitors.

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Bear has made a fair point, it is unfair to crictisise those that have yet to switch their allegiance to Britain First. It was not very long ago that the BR room would not hear a bad word said against Mr Griffin, In fact any "dissenters" were bounced quicker than you could say Jack Robinson.
I believe that we all are fighting for a common cause whether our allegiance lies with BNP or Britain First.

We should also consider that there was a faction of us that did not have a good word to say for Jim Dowson too! How things change..... Personally I have nothing against Jim, I believe he is good for" the cause". However, please remember that he is a successful business man whose talents lie in marketing and fund raising. Both are fine qualities, given this, why was there so much resistance to him when he was raising money for the BNP ?

Those that point the finger at Nick griffin and the BNP would do well to remember there are three fingers pointing back at yourself.


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Thank you Vernon for your extremely accurate and top drawer account of the run up to our Munich trip. To say that we were disappointed that John did not appear through Ashford Eurostar Station revolving doors is an understatement to say the least.
Like you , I clearly recall Screaming's beatiful velvet voice in the British Resistance room, maybe GA or Bertie has a recording of some of those moments?
I only met John on one occasion a few months ago. However, I knew within 30 seconds of meeting him that he was a "good un" and one of the best. How privileged I am to have drunk fine ale, laughed and joked in the company of this wonderful man....... John, I will not forget you.


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No one in particular, what is that you find particularly cranky about Brian Gerrish? Also what makes you think we are irrelevant? I am very interested to hear your views on these points. I look forward to your response.

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Me thinks he do protesteth too much...