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Ah, and here I was hoping Hound or someone would mention having been to a planet of pastel colored talking miniature horses at one point...

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tomodachi life is on the 3ds.

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I'm also drawing up preliminary plans for my pony ssb builds. So far the gunners are Twilight, Pinkie, Sweetie Belle. My Sword Fighters are Rarity, Fluttershy, Scootaloo, and Derpy. And My brawlers are Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Applebloom, and Maud.

That's more or less based on personality, but my rule of thumb is that Earth ponies tend to be brawlers, Pegasi tend to be sword fighters, and Unicorns tend to be shooters.

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This is my collection, with qr codes that will work in the standard 3ds mii maker. Tomodachi life has separate qr codes that contain more info that pertains to that game. (such as being able to give Twilight, Maud and Sweetie belle so far their proper hair colors and info about the voice and personality builds for each. If you wnat those as well, let me know.)

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I've built the mane 6, cmc, maud pie and derpy for Tomodachi life, which is great because you can give them personality and voice. I'm particularly proud of my pinki pie, maud pie, Applejack, and Derpy builds. In theory I base their appearance on Equestria Girls, but in truth the mii maker just isn't built for those wild hair styles. But within Tomodachi life you can dye their hair wilder colors, so there's that.

I've been thinking about putting my qr codes out their, but I'm not sure where or if anyone is interested.

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late to the party, video is "private" Any know the direct link?

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Sorry Aquaman, but this is the Hasbro-verse; meaning that "The Matrix" is a thing lodged in Optimus Prime's chest here.

In other news OMG! Five year old Pony Character models! Show Staff are trying to kill us with HNNNNNNGGGGGSSS!

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I guess the idea is supposed to be that Optimus is just slumming it in the old truck body to lay low from the government and all, but "broken down and revived" just doesn't play for me because the last movie was just 2011.

Those scenes of Optimus being found and revived feel like they would be better for a reboot, like say, a movie that claims the '80s cartoon and comics more or less happened, then after a final battle the robots all disappeared, and now 30 years late Optimus has turned up. It would have more resonance if the last time we saw him wasn't just three years ago. (Maybe it's an artifact from a script that toyed with the idea of this being a true reboot, but was scrapped when they decided to just make it a "soft" reboot instead.)

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Actually, I think it could be cool down the line if the show shifted focus, graduating the cmc to main character status. Like, they become apprentices to their trades after they get their marks or something. In the meantime, the mane 6 are graduated to secondary character reasonable authority figures Pebbles and Bam Bam Show style,* so they are still around but we don't have build episodes around them, sparing us yet more episodes about fluttershy's social anxiety or Applejack's stubborn existence on doing everything herself. (Don't get me wrong, still love the show, but there are some plot threads that are starting to feel run into the ground, what with both Dash's and Fluttershy's key episodes feeling fairly rehashy.)

*Anyone else remember that one? Where they were teenagers and getting into hijinks? Did you know there was an episode where Moonrock, their resident teenage scientist, basically invented e-harmony, either 30 years or 30,000 years early, depending on how you look at it? anyone? I am so old...

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Luna is Best Jacob Marley.