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Who needs a vaccuum? [spit!] I clean the trailer by wiping everything down with duct tape. Satan won't be sodomizing me, now will he?

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Which Amtrak? [spit] The slow one that barely gets started and breaks down before it gets anywhere, or the high-speed one that's done before you even noticed until you suddenly find yourself in New York?

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When your penis is a joke, it's time to move on. [spit!]

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It's written in the Book Of Peen

Suck the throbbing cock,
Pastor Picanto will come,
To make your life full.

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We already have gays in the military, now this. [spit!] What's next, gay actors in the theater?

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C'mon! Real Americans live in Alaska and Wyoming. [spit!] They obviously need representation, seeing as how they are "We the People" and all.

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Does New Jersey even really need two senators? [spit] The place is just a suburb of New York and Philadelphia, with a nasty turnpike running up the middle. [spit] So, everyone there already has representation from the other states. This is how we cut government waste, people! [spit!] Free the people from the burden of excessive government by downsizing the senate.

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One man's shitty movie is another's epic allegory of the struggle to find meaning in a world driven mad by the alienating omnipresence of consumerism. [spit] I think of Steven Segal's acting choices as constituting a model of authenticity. Fuck yeah! [spit!]

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I've been working on integrating, leveraging, and optimizing return on the meth market.[spit!] I wonder if there are Russian producers who would profit from my extensive knowledge of the trade. Does Russia have trailer parks?

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Good to see a lawmaker show some spine. [spit!] And "spine" is an anagram for "penis," so it's all good.