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I always assumed that Roald's choice of page to sponsor was political in a different way, since he sponsored Seaver, who is described as clearly having Bazhir ancestry. There's another Bazhir among the pages but from Wyldon's comments to Zahir it is clear that the cultures are still pretty divided and obviously the royal family wants/needs their kingdom to be united.

I'm actually quite curious how they are working on integrating the Bazhir into the knighthood rules, since knights have to be nobility and the Bazhir don't fall into the rest of Tortall's nobility system. Seaver from his "of blahblah" name and description sounds like he gets his nobility requirements met from his non-Bazhir side of family* but Zahir doesn't. Maybe he's the son of a headman or mage? Or maybe Jon made it so any Bazhir qualifies to try for knighthood? I haven't read most of the extra info given so I dunno if Tammy has said anything about this.

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*(Spoilers for extra info Tammy has given online about families, not spoiling for anything) Nppbeqvat gb gur jvxv, Frnire vf npghnyyl eryngrq gb Nynaan! Nynaan'f zbz jnf uvf terng-nhag. Gung'f cerggl arng naq V arire xarj vg orsber!

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Hi guys :)

I started following Mark around the tail end of MRHP after a massive 48 hour archive crawl reading all his Twilight posts after a friend linked me. I was terrified to comment for ages because I am always terrified to comment on anything, but eventually I started to around the end of Doctor Who and the beginning of AtLA. Unfortunately, Real Life Events (oh no!) meant that I couldn't stay active in the community. But I've never stopped reading. Things have been kind of rough in the last few years and sometimes the brightest spot in my week is when I get to take a minute to read the latest AtLA posts, then Buffy, then Dollhouse, then Madoka, then Tutu, and now the Tamora Pierce books. Hopefully at some point I'll have time to look into some of the series being covered that I'm not already familiar with.

Signing on this week and seeing that Mark got nominated for a Hugo was a great moment. Good luck, Mark! And no matter what, I hope you know how much these sites and the community that you and your mods work so hard to create and maintain is truly wonderful. It's really one of a kind. There are plenty of fans who write brilliant, insightful meta, but there are so few places where those fans can gather to trade and debate ideas in such a respectful manner. Plus, Mark's endless enthusiasm for stories that shows through all his writing from the silliest, gif filled lists to the serious criticisms of difficult social topics reminds me why I love stories and being a fan of stories.

Hats off to all of you.

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YESYES Such an awesome series, loaded with tropes and things! It would be a perfect first project in my opinion, since it has a huge fanbase, too.

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PSYCHONAUTS!!! Love that game forever.

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Odin Sphere!

Odin Sphere is a PS2 game about mythology, love, war, growing up, dying, living, fighting fate, family, love (again!), loneliness, and so much more. This game will punch you in the feels and then kiss it better and then punch you right in the same spot in the feels so much harder because this game is tragically beautiful and hates your feels. But then it turns around and is ADORABLE and amazing.

Odin Sphere has some of the most beautiful art. So much so that it might lag your system at times, but it is well worth it because every single setting and character is beautifully rendered and just so lovely to look at.

The story is also amazing, one of my favorites, as it slowly is revealed. You get to see how such different characters living in the same world struggle with and against each other, each trying to do the right thing. As you discover each character's journey, you uncover the secrets of the world they inhabit. Also, since the story is so complex, you can go back and rewatch all the cutscenes you've unlocked, as well as getting a full timeline of when the scenes took place relative to all the main character's stories!

Also, the music is awesome - here's the mostly nonspoiler-y (it has an image of several characters, but that's it) theme song:
Link because I can't figure out embeds.

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Totally agreed!

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Protector of the Small FOREVER


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Well, this is only my opinion but:

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