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Looks like Intense Debate has finally given up its ghost. Time to bury it now. Quickly!

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It's been said that everyone's entitled to be stupid. But the Jihadis wantonly abuse that privilege like hell!

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This is clearly a Pakistan inspired exercise in image make-over: they seem to be sensing a victory in Afghanistan soon, so time to get the ordinary people on your side. Mullah Omar has always been the ISI's pet Rottweiler. Musharraf had personally ensured his escape from Kunduz by a special airlift in the third week of November 2001. If you recall, MO had recently suggested to Betullah Mehsud to stop fighting the Pakistan army, but concentrate on jointly fighting the Americans instead, together with himself.

Incidentally, 'Mujahideen Pashto", seems like a strange title for the book, as Pashto is a language and the book is obviously not a phrasebook. The people are called Pashtun or Pakhtun and they are prominent in Kandahar province and the Southeast.. It's probably titled "(For) Pashtun Mujahideen", since the script is read from right to left. One can expect to see a "(For) Tajik Mujahideen" handbook in Dari/Persian soon!

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"We are all shocked," he said. "This is the last thing we were expecting".
Didn't expect the muslim thugs to get caught, did he?

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This is a new though one needs a fresh Fatwa each time for Jihadic butchery.

For those who came in late, there's actually a permanent one and it's been issued by mohammed in koran 1400 years ago.

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"“Police told us, ‘We will teach you in the camp how to forget your Christ,’ while dragging us to the vehicle,” said Rahman."
Contrast this with violent protests riots by muslims for any perceived "insult" to their prophet.

The Bangla thuggery is in line with the murder of Christians by Pakistani mobs for rumored descration of koran or for any reason - like inadvertently drinking tea from a muslim's cup at a roadside stall.

There's a word for this and it's called Persecution.

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Well, Mr Dinesh D'Souza and other MSM "authorities" on Islam/RoP, will soon find a justification for these Muslim atrocities, which will put the blame squarely on what the Christians did or didn't do.
Like Hugh has pointed out, the BBC et al are already trying to put the handful of Christians at par with mobs of murderous Muslims consumed by religious frenzy, by portraying the situation as a "riot", which gives the impression of a fight between two groups. This is typical of Dhimmi media around the world which finds the insane and brutal Jihadic violence completely beyond its comprehension and therefore it has to invent a story that has a semblance of logic. But a logic that can only be forced by implied moral equivalence between the perpetrator of violence and its victim or by far fetched justifications for the atrocities, however absurd these may be. .

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Ten more Saudis have already applied for asylum in Britain after this and more applications will certainly follow. Shouldn't they be asked to formally give up and denounce their cult, as the minimum condition for grant of asylum?

In the meantime, "Saudi Arabia's only film festival has been cancelled, dealing a blow to reformist hopes..". No surprises here, except how did they even contemplate having one, although I am sure the Euro Left will be left bewildered.

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"What is it that Indians have and we don't?"
His actual answer was "DEMOCRACY", as this was written in the Musharraf days.
Frankly, he wouldn't have been alive if he had written what you claim.

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Just to clarify, Genghis, though born into a Shamanistic way of life, had his early childhood under the tutelage of Nestorian (Syriac Christian) fathers. He would have probably finished Islam, if he had lived a little longer. I think his sons unfortunately decided that Islam was just the religion made-to-order for them to rule despotically, absolutely and without challenge over a large territory, with the sanction from Allah that came along with it.