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short stack


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i am not driving 5 hours for the dentist AND the obgyn. no way. and i'd have to take off work. :(

oh well.

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i went to calvary baptist for a year in middle school. let me tell you... i had the exact same experience. i was the "new girl", the heathen, with boobs who had never even read the Bible in her life. and i had a friend, 2 friends actually, that were exactly like your Becky Jo. that's just how it is. and i've found from personal experiences that devout southern baptist a-holes can be SO MEAN AND JUDGEMENTAL. at least that's how it was at my middle school. my teacher told me i was going to hell because i'd never read the bible and been saved. if she could only see me now!

anyway, i totally get it. and i totally want to hang out with you and becky jo. I'M PRACTICALLY AN HOUR AWAY FROM YOU! and we can talk smack about mean christian a-holes together

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yeah, i think it will help a lot once i get settled with the right pill for me. crossing my fingers that friday's will be the last switch. o_0

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computers are unpredictable. it doesn't matter if it's a mac or a pc or something from outer space. it can break. at any time. it doesn't need a reason to die and bring its owner to tears and utter disappointment. computers... they just don't have feelings. :(